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Streamline Store Pickup Process to make Shopping Fun again and Less Like Airport Security

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-12-2016 09:57 PM

Shopping used to be fun, but now with Shopping Online with Store Pickup I feel like I'm going through airport security every time I go to pickup a pre-order.  Even though shpping on my cell phone with the app is great, the Airport Security feel of Store Pickup kills the excitement and fun, especially when a 19 year old customer service associate doesn't smile and looks at you as a potential theif rather than a customer, asks for your ID, credit card, and phone number (and if you forgot your Best Buy credit Card a fourth step of entering your Social Security Number).  And most times there is a fifth step when they ask you to verify the specific items you've ordred. 


If the government can come up with Precheck and Global Entry, can't BestBuy come up with something to streamline things for their freequent customers to make shopping fun and easy again.  I love the app and reserving new things, but hate going through the pickup process with it's endless checks making it seem like you are a potential theif every time rather than a frequent customer.  It was so bad the last time, I simply walked straight to the other desk and returned everything I just picked up because I felt what I had done must be wrong if so many steps were in place to prevent buying and picking up new stuff from BestBuy.   


I suggest the following.  If I can use my thumb to unlock my smartphone, shouldn't it be possible to for me to do the same to verify me as a frequent and trustworthy customer, saving me the humiliation of being treated as a potential cheater every single time I try to buy and pickup good? 

Status: Acknowledged

While I'm grateful for your feedback, for the security of all of our customers, I don't foresee that we will be making changes to our in-store order pickup procedures.

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-13-2016 05:48 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

While I'm grateful for your feedback, for the security of all of our customers, I don't foresee that we will be making changes to our in-store order pickup procedures.

on ‎05-13-2016 10:42 AM


I'm not saying to change it by removing securit, I'm saying to streamline it by making it more secure and faster / easier using new technology that is widely and cheaply available. I think  You miss my point.  



by Valued Expert
on ‎05-18-2016 12:23 PM

I ordered something online for store pick up last year.  there was nobody in front of me and it took me 15 minutes to get my item.  However, I have had a number of other items where there was no more than a 3 or 4 minute operation. 

on ‎05-19-2016 02:33 PM

I'm not talking about thet lines or time in line, because I agree that the lines on store pickup are great and the wait is not bad at all.  That has been a huge improvement to separate the store pickup lines from the customer services line.  


What I'm talking about is to give the big box bestbuy store a better shopping experience for the customer like me that is a frequent shopper in store and might like to be known to the store as such.  


For example, the employees at my neighborhood GameStop know me as I shop and trade their frequently.  Many times they don't ask me for all the security information that's required because they already know me as I'm a frequent customer that they now know personally.  I'm not saying everyone at bestBuy should know me, it's impossible becuase it's too big, but using technology this might be possible.  


I suggested one solution, a simple BioMetric thumb scanner would streamline the whole process and validate me as me and all other info would just come right up along with my most recent pickup order and picture (obviously, I would have to release all this information to BestBuy including allow them to take my picture).  


But a BioMetric fingerprint solution would be a surprisingly cheap solution to to enable the customer to be recognized as a good customer (meaning one who buys often and doesn't steal or return everything).


Even though games are maybe $10 cheaping at BestBuy with my GamersClub, I find myself still going to GameStop because the shopping experience just feels better and I think that's because when I go in there it's likely I'll see the same person I bought with before.  GameStop is also closer to my house and with traffic in Houston sometimes it's just more convenient to go to a gamer specific store.  


Certainly, I like BestBuy and shop there all the time both online, in app, and in store.  I just want the experience to be the best as possible and if a little technology (which we all have on our phones) like a biometric Figerprint reader can make me feel less like just another random unknown shopper (i.e. a potential theif), I for one would be happy to share my picture and let them keep my FingerPrint on file.  


Having to take my drivers license and credit card out every time I pick up something I've already paid for ... I just don't think I'm going to do it again (I'll just get it shipped to the house I guess or try to catch it in stock on day of release).  I'm not saying there aren't other ways to do this, there are, but I think that providing a more personalized shopping experience in store is the future.  


If you want to get fancy, facial recognion is another way to validate that a person is really the person, although fingerprint would probably be the cheapest way to implement.  


The gamestop guy I buy from sometimes even asks me how I liked X game that I bought last, I can tell you that this has never happened in BestBuy for varous practical and technical reasons today.  But it could happen with the solution I talked about.  One of the other ideas was to have a gamer specific checkout process for gamersclub, which Iiked the idea very much.  


To even get more fancy, I would even scan my finger when I arrived in store to let them know I've arrived, and I would even like ot get personalized in-store offers ... Sears does this with the "Shop In" feature of their app. Verizon also does it with their in-store app features.  So, other people are already doing this sort of thing with their apps at least. 



To have the experience of actually being recognized going into a store that I go into literally all the time, would just add a little bit of joy to the shopping experience and also my day.  I'm tired fo being treated like a number in just about every area of life, and the online shopping experience certainly solves that, but I also just like going into the store and finding random stuff I might like to buy.  It's also fun to talk games with other games (like Gamestop does) to get recommendations and ideas.  I can't tell you how many times I've purchased new types of games I otherwise wouldn't have because of a GameStop employee conversation.  If I need to give a fingerprint to enable that type of experience at BestBuy (where the new games are cheapter with gamersclub), that's just fine with me.  


I kind of have a funny store about a recent in-store pickup experience at best buy.  


 I went to the store to pick something up, but then found something else I wanted in stock on my phone while I waited for her to bring me my order.  So, after completing my pickup I tried to find it on the shelf with no luck (guy I asked for help couldn't find it either even thought it was listed in stock) so I then ordered it from my phone for pickup in the same store thinking I would get later. I grabbed a starbucks next door and was surprised to get a text saying my order was ready for pickup 30 minutes later, very fast right.  So, Same store, two pickups in the same hour, and also the same person that helped me with the last pickup.  The process started all over again, how may I help you, please give me your ID and credit card, etc., etc..   I told her I just picked soemthing up 30 minutes ago and proved it with the sticker still on the item (with my name) I just picked up.  Even so, and she remembered me, she wouldn't give me the the second order/pickup item because I'm sure she was trained well on the process.   


Again, I take out my ID, smile while she looks at me and validates that I am me, I give her my BestBuy credit card to validate that too, she asks what I ordered, I tell her, and within 30 minutes in the same store with the same oroder pickup person I am just another random.  I'm not saying the process was bad or that the exprience was bad, it wasn't.  It was just a transaction, a random customer picks up another random thing.  Fine, but with online shopping getting as good as it is getting (Amazon now delivers to my house within two hours) I can just see myself gravitating more towarsd that type of experience where they know you.  For example, the guy that delivers to my house never asks for my ID or Credit Card when I drops off a new iPad or whatever at my house.  He just knocks on the door and hands it to me and thanks me for shopping (I even tip on my credit card during the order process so it's a little more expensive this way, but not much). 


I do prefer the in-store experience to online shopping, and want to support my local stores by shopping there, but it's just getting so convenient and they know you when shopping online.  BestBuy Store pickup is good if you want to reserve something like a game and ensure you get it day of release if stock might be low.  


I didn't mean to write a book here, but Shopping is somehow something I'm passionate about, as well as technology.  And it just seems like there are so many cheap ways to improve the in store pickup or shopping experience.  Do I expect or think things will change?  No, but the competitors continue to innovate and this was just one idea and one story from just one "random" customer who happens to like BestBuy and shop there frequently. 

by Valued Expert
on ‎05-20-2016 07:33 AM

did not read your full dialog but the gist seems to me you want Best Buy to slack security so your not inconvenienced. 


The fact that UPS or FedEx does not check your ID has noting to do with how Best Buy operates.


GameStop is a VERY small store with less than 10 employees.  it is much easer to remember everyone.


I disagree Best Buy should not slacken security. It could and would cause isses.  I greatly prefer the employees to check my idendity rather than just handing me a product becuase I said it was mine.

on ‎05-20-2016 07:44 PM

Bestbuy should INCREASE security utilizing the app. Both increase security AND streamline the in store pickup process. I suggest using thumbprint, NFC, a Pin on the app or otherwise. This would be more secure than the current process, where last time the rep left my credit card in full view on the counter while she checked my ID and then the credit card. 


I think ink this idea is hard for most people to understand because Imsuggest to increase security in a way that actually removes steps and streamlines the process.  The TSA did this with global entry and Pre check but you have to file paperwork and they take fingerprint scans. After that pre check process the global entry process is much smoother. 


I I suggest the same increase in security and speed with pre check could be done for Best Buy pickup utilizing even the app and a PIN. 

by Valued Expert
on ‎05-23-2016 09:58 AM

Biometric scanners are a good idea however, I think the outcry of people who are NOT willing to let Best Buy have their fingerprints would be huge.  People are very paranoid these days.

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