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by on ‎02-09-2021 09:29 AM

Hello. I'm in the market for a NAS and noticed how poor Best Buy's selection in this area is. Currently, most of the selection is from Western Digital and top NAS vendors such as Synology, Asustor, and QNAP are missing. I am in particular looking for an Asustor Lockerstor 2 AS6602T. Other users may have had this experience with other products. My recommendation is to have a page where buyers can recommend products for Best Buy to carry in their inventory. This will help both the customer in getting their product from a preferred store and it will help Best Buy consider products that sell well and begin to sell it themselves. For now, I'm going to have to buy my NAS from somewhere else. 

Status: Tell Us More

Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎02-10-2021 10:30 AM
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Thanks for the suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this as a reality? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Valued Expert
on ‎02-11-2021 08:58 AM

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is not at all a typical consumer electronic's component many Best Buy customers would be in the market for.  So to that end they are probably better off carrying the more common brands



on ‎02-11-2021 11:29 AM

With all due respect, that's a bad argument. Let me just make a few points to prove it. First is that the product I mentioned is just an example of a product that is not available at Best Buy, but that I would like to purchase. My suggestion is applicable across many devices that customers might want that are not available at BB, not just a NAS. You stated that a NAS is not at all a typical component that BB customers would be in the market for. Really? What data do you have to corroborate this? I haven't seen any such survey from BB to know this. Next you said that because their is no demand for BB customers that they are better off carrying more common brands. Maybe you didn't read my post thoroughly because the brands I provided are among the most popular and best brands in the world. Wouldn't then that qualify to be carried by BB? Have you heard of the Kaleidescape Terra Movie Server (40TB)? I'd wager that you haven't. But it's on sale at Best Buy at a customer friendly $16,494.98. How many of these do you think sell in a year? How about a brand you may know like Western Digital that is a "common" brand. The My Cloud EX4100 4 Bay NAS (32TB included) is going for $1479.99. How many at this price sell in a year? Can you see that this alone defeats your argument? I not only had to buy my NAS somewhere else (Amazon) but I had to buy the HDD that I was looking for on Amazon as well (2 x WD Red Pro 6TB). I bet BB would have liked that I spent almost $800 with them as opposed to Amazon. BB carries WD HDDs, but again with a poor selection. So BB shouldn't sell HDD either right? Except that last year over 260 million HDD were sold with Western Digital commanding somewhere around 37% market share. For the first time in history over 1 ZB of storage was shipped by HDD manufacturers. That will only increase as time goes by. And NAS devices saw a huge increase in 2020 with some projections showing the NAS market worth $48 billion by 2025. So BB shouldn't consider expanding their catalogue to get a piece of this pie? That doesn't make any sense at all. A product recommendation page would allow BB to get a sense of what products their customers are looking for that they may not carry and also provide BB with product ideas that may spark interest for a category that may prove to be profitable. My particular case was with my NAS purchase but I could have many more examples of products had I kept track over the years. I hope that I was able to make my suggestion a bit more clear and that I was able to dispel that I was suggesting BB sell a specific product that I was looking for. 

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