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Stock 3D Blurays

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by HenryNagel on ‎08-28-2017 11:03 PM

Target and Wal-Mart decided to not stock 3D Blurays at the same time Best Buy did, effectively alienating an entire consumer base to buy online only, or even import 3D Blurays.  Be the leader, and stock 3D Blurays, instead of doing the fashionable thing and force 4K upon the consumers.


I was shocked that Best Buy had the exclusive US 3D Bluray release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and then shorted to market in the extreme.  I went I to my local Best Buy on release day, and they were sold out in less than two hours.  I refused to buy it in any form other than 3D, like many other movies that Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target have stopped stocking - only in 3D.  In the time that I was in the store, three other customers were looking for the same movie in the the same format as I was, and left empty handed.  That's four lost sales in a matter of minutes.  One of the associates even told me that a 3D version of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 does not exist.  i pointed to the three empty racks of videos that bore the tag of the nonexistent movie.  While searching the store farther, I heard the same associate telling a prospective customer that Disney did not buy Marvel.  And this was for a movie that Best Buy has the exclusive US distribution rights on...  But, I digress.  I was quite upset, and needed to get that off my chest.


Below is a link to the 3D Blu Ray forums concerning the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 3D Bluray on Blu  These are all potential customers looking for a particular product - which you have.  And, the numbers of the potential customers are many more than the number of people posting on those forums.

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by HenryNagel
on ‎08-28-2017 11:33 PM

Try starting about page 23 or 24, near release day.  Bear in mind, that's 35 pages of comments on ONE MOVIE.  There are plenty more topics like that on the forums, all are potential customers desperate for product.


3D is not dead.

by Emerging Expert
on ‎08-29-2017 08:30 PM

I don't know. I think 3D movie are on the way out already. 

Myself I was never over impressed with the technology and quality. For awhile there were tons of movies coming out in 3D. Now there seem to only be a handful of 3D movies every year.


In fact of the 240 TV's Best Buy list only 3 of them are 3D

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎09-26-2017 05:53 PM
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by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎09-26-2017 05:55 PM
I'm sure we made this decision because the space needed to hold the 3D movies in our store was more valuable for other types of products than the revenue we took in from 3D movies. With that said would anyone else like to see us stock 3D movies in our stores? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.
by tripletopper
on ‎03-25-2019 10:32 PM

One of the problems is that the 3D version is usually a separate verison.  See my commentary on 2D/3D coexistance, on way to normalize 3d, kind of like how Dobly/DTS is normalized on TV and DVD and higher, but is not universal.


Most people don't have to have a special Dolby/DTS surround version of the DVD/Blu Ray, because it's included in everything, noticed by people who have Dolby/DTS, and a non-issue to those who don't.  There is no special "2 track stereo" version of TV or DVDs.  The machine takes 5.1 and converts it to 2.0.  Likewise the machine can convert 3D to 2D by displayig only the director's dominant eye.  No need to buy a special 2D version.


I kind of wish they had separate Dolby and DTS veriosns becuase my surround sound headphones only decodes Dolby 5.1 into Dolby Headphone and remains silent if the original sound mode is DTS.  But I'm so in the minority, no one will accommodarte that.


But 3D has it fans, but if a disc is labeled 2D/3D combo disc, then everyone will be happy.  it won't be more expensive to have a separate disc.  It won't be avoided by 2D users, and will always be in stock instead of it being shorted.


Finally, with resolution, if 4K isn't enough K, how many K is enough? 8K? 16K?  Tell me! How many K?  But with 3D, there is no such thing as a fourth physical dimension to display. Height, width, depth,... what's the fourth distance dimension?  Once you're in 3D there's no need to go further in that aspect.

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