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Rewards Points Program is your punishment for being a customer

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-11-2020 03:40 PM

Your Reward Points Program is a completely mediocre system that needs to be redesigned. Its purpose should be to actually rewards customers for spending money in your extremely expensive store and not to mislead them into thinking that at least part of their money is not wasted. This will be brief and far from complete.

First of all, why do we need certificates? You buy, you (hopefully) get points. The system at Best Buy is able to show a detailed Rewards activity and representatives are able to tell you if a certificate has been issued or not. The need for a certificate is at minimum, irritating.


However, given that this is the way they operate... 


1. Certificates should never be automatically issued for regular, elite or super elite customers. Spent money is spent money regardless of your classification within the Best Buy social strata. What is the point of rewarding if a certificate will be arbitrarily issued without customer consent? This results in 1) wasted reward that BB will eventually refuse to honor if it was not used 2) unneeded spending if you mistakenly try to obtain your reward at all costs.


The time at which certificates will be generated is completely obscure. After purchases, points take a while to be posted in your account and the amount of points you have is not really something vital to keep in mind constantly. This invariably results in a SURPRISE! certificate issued to the customer. The really lucky ones are those able to catch a glimpse of this notification amidst their crazy inboxes.


2. After the certificate was randomly issued, if it was not used by the customer, BB refuses to validate it if the expiration date passed. This may seem to be a valid reason to strip you off your points, but really, why do points need an expiration date. Points shouldn't have expiration date because the purchase made is something that belongs to the past and cannot br undone (unless you return the item, but then, you will not receive a single point for it). In the same way we cannot travel back in time to unpurchase items and keep the points, purchases shouldn't be annulated. Also, for God's sake, we are talking about a rewards program, is this formality really necessary? BB should eliminate expiration date of rewards points.



3. Account settings shouldn’t change themselves by their own. Just like in facebook, where your privacy settings update themselves every now and then to unprotect your data, I found out that my settings for when a reward should be issued will eventually default back to the $5.00. No matter how many times I change it, it will happen, someday, somehow. I would sometimes log in preemptively to check the status, and could either find my updated settings or discover that they were set back to default. Like death, impossible to predict or avoid. Changes made by customers should be respected. 


4. Whole generations will die before ever receiving a birthday gift for being a member of the Reward Points Program. BB should at least wish me a happy birthday. 


5. Even though Best Buy sells items way pricier in Puerto Rico than in any other US possession or state, we do not have the option to receive the free shipping that comes with the membership when purchases are more than $35. In fact, we don’t have the option to have anything shipped to us. BB simply refuses to ship to PR. No further explanation. Best Buy must delete this from the benefits offered to their PR members since it is a blatant lie.

Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate your feedback on our rewards program.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎03-14-2020 04:41 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

We appreciate your feedback on our rewards program.

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