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Rewards Points - Apple Products

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-01-2020 10:11 PM

Imagine my dismay when $2,499 in Apple purchases last month showed 0 (zero) rewards points in my account. A little quick digging revealed that Apple Products are no longer eligible. Comparable pricing and shipping are available from your competition. Congratulations on alienating a significant portion of your customer base. As an Elite Plus rewards member, I am no longer incentivized to purchase from you. I'm the only person with my name in your system; feel free to look me up.


My suggestion, reverse your decision and resume awarding rewards points for Apple products. 

Status: Acknowledged
on ‎01-02-2020 10:37 PM
I'm not saying I agree with this decision, but I did want to clarify that they did issue rewards for Apple product purchases but you had to purchase them under a Best Buy store card and forgo the no-interest financing. The choosing between no-interest financing and reward points was another change that was made a while back, that I also kind of question. It seems like (for Apple products at least) the competition is heating up and Best Buy is really betting on their presence (or number of stores), brand, and those people that "gotta have it now" to compete. But other competitors are stepping it up in the form of more aggressive pricing and/or other strategic tactics to win customers over (i.e. expedited shipping, instant rewards, etc). One thing for them to consider that came up more often than you would've thought, is even Apple kind of stepped it up in financing and with as big as the Apple Card was the 6% back during the holiday season was a pretty competitive promotion. Depending on where you are, this is almost sales tax in a lot of places. And now that the holidays are over the standard financing on their other card is now 18 months, whereas Best Buy went back to 12. There's nothing wrong with pushing people into using your card, but it should be equally as advantageous for them as it is for you, is my thoughts on the subject.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎01-03-2020 04:13 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
on ‎02-22-2020 02:35 PM

I just checked for my Rewards Points after buying a Macbook Prto last month. Was quite surprised to find a message about an 'apple points exclusion'. Did a little digging around and found that Best Buy changed the rewards program in late 2019. Found a thread in the forum (which apparently has been closed to new/additional comments) called 'No reward points for Apple purchases'. Please check it out. The Best Buy moderators repeat the company line about 'special sale prices for Elite members which is actually a better benefit'; they repeat it to the point of nausea because that's what they are paid to do. If you read closely, you can see the moderators' tone shifting to snark, with responses like 'thank you for sharing your thoughts here--and on Facebook--and on Twitter.' The last response by a moderator is some sarcastc recipe, which concludes with something like 'this topic is baked and ready to pull from the oven'. OK, some corporate overlord(s) way farther up the food chain made an apparently short-sighted decision and the moderators have to take the heat. I get that. But what seems to be broadly overlooked in that corporate culture is that the customer still has purchasing options, other places to shop. We can vote with our wallets; we don't have to shop at a place that devalues and disrespects customers.

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