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Review Nickname Solutions

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by on ‎02-01-2017 11:36 AM

When writing your first review, the Nickname field doesn't give any indication that it is going to be permanently set for your account after that point.


I suggest four options to correct or avoid this type of problem for users in the future:

  • Allow users the ability to change their Nickname.
  • Add text right next to the Nickname field that says something along the lines of,"This will be your Nickname for any and all future reviews. It is permanent and cannot be changed."
  • Don't include the Nickname field in the same container as the review. Perhaps this means that the first time a person goes to complete a review, a prompt comes up asking them to set their Nickname that will be used for all their reviews. Having the Nickname in a separate container/view from the review will help users understand that the nickname is not set on each review, but set once for all reviews.
  • Have users create a Nickname for each and every review. Thus the Nickname lives with the review and is not set on the user.
Status: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this happen? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎02-01-2017 05:32 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More

Would anyone else like to see this happen? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Valued Contributor
on ‎02-02-2017 06:25 PM

Personally, I like that review nicknames—just like usernames here on the Forums—stay the same. In a way, it helps you build rapport and recognize other people by their usernames, but I think verbiage that specifically calls out "nicknames cannot be changed" would be nice to have up front so people can pick one they don't mind keeping for good.

by Valued Expert
on ‎02-06-2017 07:26 AM

Nicknames should not change from review to review.  It can lead towards creddiility.


I guess I would not try to be funny and choose an inappropiate nickname when asked for it. I guess it is a learning experience for you.

on ‎02-06-2017 12:00 PM

@bobberuchi I wasn't attempting to be funny or choose an inappropriate nickname. I was just creating a context-of-the-review specific nickname (e.g. nickname of MovieBuff when reviewing a movie, or HardCoreGamer when reviewing a video game). Without the text that a "nickname will be permanent for all reviews", I assumed it was just for this one review, so I selected a nickname that I figured would be helpful for people reading reviews - refer to examples above.


I agree with you on not changing nicknames from the aspect of building credibility under a single nickname - I hadn't considered that when I was proposing solutions (I was just exploring any viable option). I don't search for a given user's nickname when looking at reviews, but that doesn't mean that others don't. Thanks for the perspective.


@Sam15 Thanks for seconding the addition of the verbiage. Sounds like I need to revise my idea proposition to just that one to help garner more votes.



on ‎02-13-2017 08:34 PM

To my knowledge it loads the account for review via themember id on the card posted for each review. 


Personally I would find it more appealing if you couldpost reviews without having to go through with all that. I find it's just an unneccessary step especially if I have been shopping for a while already that day on the bestBuy website logged in. 


I do see where you are coming from but Nicknames should stay consistent. 

on ‎11-17-2017 12:23 PM

someone changed my nickname under reviews.  How do I change it back.

on ‎06-25-2018 09:35 AM

I entered a placeholder nickname because Best Buy forgot my old one and it looks stupid. Can't change it, so disinclined to post any more reviews. The argument that changing a nickname destroys credibility is also stupid- the whole purpose of a nickname is to hide real identity. Do you ascribe more credibilty to someone called 'new iguana' or someone called 'old aardvark'? Just force people to use their real names as verified purchasers OR let us change our nicknames! 

on ‎03-15-2019 07:50 PM

Years ago, when I left my first review, in the nickname place it stated it could be changed later. I have used a couple of different nicknames related to the product was reviewing. I don't always leave reviews. But if I really like something or really hate it, I occasionally review.

At no time did Best Buy alert me that they were going to lock the nickname.


My last review was with the nickname "notimpressed" so that pretty much locks me into only being able to write a negative review. I've also done reviews under my first name and last initial.


While I appreciate Best Buy wanting to have consistency on the reviews, Best Buy isn't clear on their policy and should have notified users that they were going to a permanent nickname. Frankly, it's easier to change your real name with the government than deal with Best Buy on this.


So I guess for Best Buy and their vague policy declarations, you can sign me "notimpressed".






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