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Return Policy & Price Match need to change to match competitors

Status: New
by luisrtro on ‎02-01-2019 08:04 AM

I bought a Sonos Playbar at Best Buy for $699 on Jan 7 with my Best Buy credit card. On Jan 31 I saw it was on sale for $599. I called for a price match and was told, that under my membership, they would not match price as the price match is only good for 15 days even for their own store. The way I understand  Core customers have15 days, with Elite and Elite Plus having 30 and 45 days. And, the way I understand it membership level is simply based on how much you spend. This sucks! First, I was never told at time of purchase what level of membership I was at and the return policy as I bought the item in store. Secondly, I bought a TV previous year for over $1000 but it had no effect on my status as the level is based on how much I spent in calendar year. Again, I think this sucks as it basically limits the policy to only those who spend on major purchases yearly (over $1500). Again, this sucks. If I bought from SONOS direct I would have 45 days to return for any reason. If I bought from Amazon it would be 30 days. If I bough from Crutchfield it is 45 days. Why would I ever buy anything from Best Buy again when I have a longer window for returns (and in essence, price match) from other vendors? I am very disappointed with Best Buy. I have numerous TVs, sound equipment, and appliances in the past. Not again unless Best Buy changes this policy. You need to provide at least 30 days policy to match competors, If you wish return policy to be based on how much is spent with you then all purchases over a lifetime should be applied to receive a return policy beyond 30 days.


by gadgeteer
on ‎02-10-2019 10:53 AM

Hello @luisrtro - this idea and others like it have been posted in the past; to give these ideas more traction, it would be better to one-up someone else's posting rather than starting the idea completely up again. I'm linking other ideas that are similar to this one:

(currently has 5 up votes to change policy year-wide to 30 days)

(fixed 45-day return policy for everyone, currently has 4 up votes)

(bring back 30 day price matches, 7 up votes)


Once again, not trying to minimize your idea/suggestion, but just helping you to get it considered quicker.  


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