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by on ‎10-08-2017 10:36 AM

All Best Buys should recycle more items. One location takes small appliances another doesn't. Best Buy should recycle small household appliances, anything battery operated. Advertise that you recycle. This gives people a reason to come in the store and most people don't like just throughing things away to end up in a garbage pile!!! 

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by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎10-10-2017 04:55 PM
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by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
‎10-10-2017 05:04 PM - edited ‎10-10-2017 05:05 PM

I can say that we already recycle almost everything we sell, and if you want to look to see what we recycle at our stores in your area you can check here. It is my understanding that it can vary from one store to the next because our stores are required to abide by local laws that govern recycling.

on ‎01-27-2019 12:44 PM
I would like to thank Best Buy for all of the years  for which they did take standard batteries for recycling (9v  AA  AAA etc).   For many years now, my local Mountain View, CA store had a very cool battery recycling center (drop off bins) right in the lobby of their store.  This made it super convenient for me to recycle my batteries  and even though I do try to reduce the number of standard batteries I use, for the times I did need  batteries I always thought of Best Buy as "my store" and really appreciated their commitment to do their part to help the environment. When I did need new batteries to purchase, I would always bring my old batteries to drop off in the Best Buy lobby recyling bins.
Recently, I did return to my store to purchase  new batteries, but this trip the battery recycling bins were gone.  I inquired with the store management who told me they no longer recycled "standard" batteries and that Best Buy had changed their store  policy to no longer support standard battery recycling and now only recycled "rechargeable batteries" once they no longer held their charge.   I expressed that for years I had always appreciated Best Buy's commitment to help their customers recycle standard batteries with  drop off bins in their store lobby.  The local store  suggested I call the Best Buy customer service number to share my concerns, which I did.  Unfortunately, after many transfers and speaking with a number of various Best Buy customer service representatives, none could confirm if this new policy was just a change in policy for my local Mountain View, CA store or if it was company wide.       
In reading responses from Best Buy regarding recycling, I do appreciate Best Buys comments that recycling  "requirements" vary by jurisdiction , but I was saddened that  Best Buy's position had changed from being a community leader in the area of recycling  batteries to one where they no longer care to help their customers recycle standard batteries. I am sure the drop off  bins were not a local jurisdictional  requirement, but were provided by Best Buy as a part of being a good member of the community.  Again, I do appreciate Best Buys past leadership in this area.   I always thought it a very good example of Best Buy's leadership to provide these drop off bins for batteries voluntarily - not only in terms of helping the environment but also as a convenience for their customers (especially in light of the volume of standard batteries Best Buy continues to sell).   
I  would encourage Best Buy upper management to return the drop off bins for standard batteries in my local Mountain View, CA store.  In addition, if Best Buy management did not provide these voluntary drop off bins nation wide, I would encourage them to consider bringing them back to my store and also expanding them to all Best Buy stores.  The battery recycle drop off bins  in my local store were most appreciated and are very much missed!  Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely and best regards from a long time Best Buy customer. 


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