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RZ Points for reviews on purchased items

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎09-05-2012 10:22 AM

    I love looking through Best Buy for items that I’m looking to purchase. Its a great way to find out information on the product itself before it gets to my hands but I also like looking into the reviews to see if it lives up to its expectations.

    I was thinking if you could integrate the store survey with item reviews for a small number of reward points. For example, a tablet, case, screen, and stylus purchased in store or online. After receiving points for the initial purchase, they can go online and tell us how the experience on the survey with their customer PIN. From there, they can continue on to review the products and gain more points (let’s say 10-25 per review).

    This would give customers more incentive to review the store, the products, and their service while we gather service information, RZ loyalty, and an accurate rating on popular products. I wanted to put it with the survey so we limit the amount of fake reviews just to gain points. Its a starting point so I would love to see what this can evolve into.

Status: We Did It!

We do now give My Best Buy points to members when one of their reviews is selected. Keep in mind that a member can only have a maximum of eight reviews selected per calendar year.

on ‎09-05-2012 11:12 AM

I like this idea.  Would definitely need to be measures in place to prevent abuse.  I think the biggest thing would be getting accurate reviews and not just "Man, this sucks *fill in until you hit the character requirement*" or "I love it *repeat*".  Usually takes me 10-20 minutes for a lot of the reviews I type up and it would be great to get rewarded for it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎09-10-2012 12:57 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
I have to admit I also like this idea, but also have concerns on how it could be abused if implemented. Anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for the idea if you like it.
on ‎09-12-2012 11:33 AM

What about a SIMPLE terms and conditions and a flagging ability. If the comment is useless or insulting to others, it can be flagged and deleted. Also voids points for that person on that particular item. This validates the meaningful comments, leaves the ones pointing out legitimate issues, and still keeps the point system true. And with the terms and conditions, BBY has a fall back just for those who want to fight and say their comment wasn't an issue(they could lose the incentive for a short term or get it back with a re-worded comment)

on ‎09-22-2012 06:57 AM

This could be very easy to avoid abuse on.  


First - the person must have bought the item, either in-store or online (this can be easily verified) and must have received the item.


Each review is worth a paltry number of points, enough to make it meaningful, but not too many.  If a review is upvoted by other RZ members it can receive a small bonus.  If it is flagged enough times by anyone it loses all of it's point value.


If the item is returned it requires only half as many flags to lose it's points to prevent people from buying something, writing a terrible review and reviewing it to boost points.  You would want to let people give a negative review and return the item so that if it's terrible others can avoid it, but you don't want it to be an easy revolving door of purchases and returns in exchange for terrible reviews.

on ‎09-22-2012 06:58 AM

Also, there could be bonus points for reviewing items that don't have many reviews.

on ‎10-03-2012 10:23 PM

Make it so the the customer can online review products they purchased with there reward zone card on the receipt then give the customer reward zone points based on how many people agree with the review. The people agreeing could be reward zone members as well for it to count and make sure that the people agreeing are actual people at all.

on ‎11-20-2012 06:10 PM

I really do like this idea, as it can be time consuming to write up a review and we really don't get much for it. Best Buy could give RZ points based on "helpful" votes from readers online or BB could have staff read and verify the reviews when the reviews are checked for profanity and other stuff.


Sounds like a great idea, but I really don't how you would implement it effectiviely.

on ‎12-12-2012 11:07 AM

I recently got back from induction and was thinking about this the whole time. If online reviews, professional and public, are in the top 3 ways people find out information about products, Best Buy should strive to add value to that outlet! If only Best Buy could create Review Rewards. They can be taken down if deemed/flagged inappropriate (or contain fowl language) but can be left up for leaving truthful feedback. This gives a reason to everyone to leave a comment by just adding a small incentive. It can build a stronger connection to the RZ program and bring loyalty that much closer. Not to mention create a new online feature that can gain knowledge of actual performance on the latest and greatest products. (I personally would like a job as someone to inspect flagged comments and begin to build that program necessary to block them automatically)

on ‎01-12-2013 06:24 PM

It's your choice! Get 25 Reward Zone points for voting on an offer:


Saw this posted by Best Buy. It's a good start. Perhaps testing the waters?

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
‎09-19-2013 01:34 PM - edited ‎09-19-2013 01:35 PM
Status changed to: We Did It!

We do now give My Best Buy points to members when one of their reviews is selected. Keep in mind that a member can only have a maximum of eight reviews selected per calendar year.

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