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by on ‎08-13-2022 06:20 PM

With social media and video becoming a very large market. Sad thing is Best Buy has failed to sell "real" products for these things. Best Buy does sell elgato lights but there are so many more on the market that are of higher price but higher quality and more sought after..Multiple Markets we have failed in:


1. Videography

Blackmagic Camera's

Blackmagice ATEM Switchers


Tilta Ring and its associated products.

Easy Rigs



Video Monitors:

ninja V and other Video Monitors Quality Video Monitors


The list of higher sought after products  can be found on Amazon and B&H Photo: Sad that if I want to get quality Youtube studio equipment I can not buy it from Best Buy. Our lack of product selection only hurts us. 


Lighting like: 

Apature Professional Lighting: they have a more consurmer friendly brand also




Best Buy is completly missing the mark... Buy all that I can from Best Buy... they are usually down the road...


Now we don't  have to take this step and continue to offer fewer of Social Media Studio Equipment. Believe Best Buy seems to be missing an Opportunity. B&H Photo, Sweetwater,  and Amazon corner these markets. There are many  products Best Buy could sell on line and make great profit.


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