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Pre order bonus available at time of pick up!

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-15-2012 05:32 AM
Many many posts about missing DLC and the suggested remedy is effectively a dead end. There are plenty of posts about the lack of response to using the process to help with this. Needs printing on receipt at pick up!
Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎06-15-2012 12:36 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
I think when it comes to DLC, and the use of the internet to acquire this content, it would be impossible to never have an issue. With that said, we should always be trying to improve, and I think printing the information needed on the receipt seems like a good idea to me. Does anyone else want to expand on this?
on ‎06-16-2012 02:56 AM
The codes just need to be printed on receipt when you pay for and pick game up. GameStop does this. Best Buy may have better incentives often but what good is that if they don't actually come through eith them. And posting to Gaming-BBY does NOT help resolve issues. How do I get them to respond Alan? Tuesday will be 1 week from release. That is NOT on or around release when it comes to video games. The board rules for game support specify not soliciting moderators and not using multiple posts...but what options do we have when the one that is supposed to help is ignored? Get
on ‎06-21-2012 05:12 PM

Last year, during the Buy 5 get $100 deal, I took part in the deal. I bought Madden 12, Gears of War, Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and Uncharted 3. When it came to pre-order bonuses, I remember 4 different ways my experience went:

1) Code emailed to me the day before the game released (Gears of War 3).

2) Bonus in the box (Batman).

3) I had to call and inquire at the 1-800-Best-Buy telephone number (Battlefield 3),

4) Never recieved the code and the telephone people had no idea what I was talking about (Uncharted 3).


I even bought WWE 12 last year with in-store pickup and I had to inquire about 2 different bonuses: a DLC preorder bonus and a $10 gift certificate/savings coupon. For this I had to:

5) Contact Gaming-BBY for the DLC code.

6) Contact Muriel-BBY for the $10 gift certificate/savings coupon.


I recently preordered and purchased Lollipop Chainsaw. For the preorder bonus offered:

7) I had to wait a day and a half to get the preorder bonus emailed to me. (Granted, I didn't know this so I contacted Gaming-BBY and called as well looking for it, becuase of my past experiences.)


The final count is 7. That's 7 different experiences all for the same thing: a DLC code for a game I preordered.


When I used to shop at GameStop, there was only one: You get it on the bottom of the reciept. They even had the option to reprint it if something went wrong (the machine ran out of paper). This is preferred because I get it when i pick up my game and I don't have to go through any other hoops. If BBY can't do this, I understand, but preferably, I'd get my code emailed to me immediately after pickup. Just today I went and picked up an order with In-Store Pickup and almost immediately after I was sent an email thanking me for picking up my order. If the Gaming DLC bonuses could get on this system, it would be just as good as on my receipt. Others may not feel this way though.

on ‎11-10-2012 09:47 PM

I'm STILL having issues on nearly a per-purchase basis when it comes to pre-order bonus (whether it be digital or physical items). Since this Spring, I've encountered no less than TEN issues with my pre-order bonuses...


The most recent being access to the Bioshock: Industrial Revolution mini-game. Of which...your support's resolution was to email me an Assassin's Creed III Uplay code; which I was told in the email was the code I was waiting for...FANTASTIC.


Need to get this type of thing fixed - Amazon and GameStop do pre-orders also, ya know..?


Oh...and feel free to check my Reward Zone account to see what sort of cash I'm dropping in a year here...



by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎03-25-2014 05:22 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea.
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