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Please post clear examples of how the trade in process works

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by on ‎12-30-2013 12:36 PM

I know Bestbuy is "new" to videogames trades but you've been doing it long enough. The two main issues that have haunted the program are

1- Not getting the 10% bump during ALL trades

2- Not getting the 10% discount on ALL used games in a transaction

It is UNEXCEPTABLE that the "trained" staff denies even trying to correct the issues via override and/or multiple attempts citing "double dipping" when it`s clearly stated that these are PERKS. Even worse, perks of a PAID PROGRAM which is currently failing to live up to your promises and our expectations.


I know for sure you`re aware of how the program works(should work) but at this point it`s clear that it`s not being correctly addressed on the frontlines to the detriment of the program. Since it`s taken this long please give the customers the ability to show the staff where they`re wrong. That way the only remaining issue is resolution vs resistance. A promo board wouls alos show non-members what they`re missing not being unlocked thus serving two purposes.


A game trades in for $10 base, $15 during the 50% bonus and GCU members get another 10% totalling 60% thus $16

A game trades in for $10 base, $20 during the 100% bonus and GCU members get another 10% totalling 110% thus $21

Give out GCU cards that actually state "Don`t forget the 10%" or even better start a where`s my 10% promo.

The 10% not applying to all used games in one transaction or promo already has an unresolved ideax thread. I don`t think the problem is being ignored but it certainly hasn`t been corrected.

Requesting for what we've paid for should not be taken lightly nor should it be okay for store managers to shoulder shrug the problem.

Status: Tell Us More
Since our trade-in of used merchandise is governed by local laws it would be impossible to give general examples for every area of the country. I would like to hear from other users on this idea. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎12-30-2013 12:45 PM

Forgot to add the link for the 10% off not applying correctly on all used games.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎12-30-2013 02:53 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Since our trade-in of used merchandise is governed by local laws it would be impossible to give general examples for every area of the country. I would like to hear from other users on this idea. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎12-30-2013 03:32 PM
Even still the %`s are going to be same the 10% will stack with what promo is in effect. The games name doesn`t matter just a generic example confirming that the 10% perk should be in additiin to the current promo not "it one or the other". Customers are carrying around the GCU booklets(where the examples could be) to show reps who should already be trained.
on ‎12-30-2013 08:22 PM

Maybe best buy should just force a pop-up on the system to enter a phone number to complete all trade-ins. That is pretty much how the trade-in system verifies the 10% bonus right now, just that employees are having a hard time finding the right place to enter the phone number.


I personally don't have any trouble getting the extra 10% since the employees at my local best buy are familiar with how it works but I can understand the fustration of not getting something you paid for. Especially right now that Best Buy is promoting the Unlocked program for $120.

on ‎01-28-2014 12:17 PM

The best fix for this is in the POS itself. The current system does not make it obvious for the cashier to enter the information at the right spot. Two fixes for this seem clear to me. One, a customer's My Best Buy account is the very first step in the process. No issue then as the employee enters the important information from the start. The other fix would be on the 2nd screen of the trade in process, where a phone number can be looked up along with other personal information. If this search was also tied to the gamers club membership then that would fix the problem as well (but I prefer the first option personally).  Obviously education of the employees processing trade ins is the best solution but lets be honest, training is costly and difficult (it is hard to cover every scenario in training of a new emlpoyee and training old employees is sometimes more difficult).  Changing the actual interface to ensure that GCU members information basically can't be missed is the most obvious, easiest and cost effective means to fix this surprisingly prevelant issue. 


Think like how when My Best Buy card is scanned in a normal transaction the POS sends up a giant message telling the cashier to ask if I want to use my Best Buy credit card. The fix would really be as simple as a prompt from the start to enter membership information. 

on ‎03-08-2014 09:08 PM
Customers are still being denied there 10% bonus. Simple solution, since a correctly completed trade receipt shows the 10% along with the full trade amounts including the 50% or 100% bonus BB needs to have both sample screen shots. Post a pic of what the rep should see on their screen when they correctly add the 10% & what the customer receipt should look like too.

At this point I`d suggest customers keep a copy of a receipt as proof that they should alwsys get the 10%.

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