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Paid GCU-$20 pre-order credit for Premier Pre-Orders

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-15-2014 11:08 AM
This is basically a customer benefit for locking most if not all of their yearly day 1 game purchases in at BB. If a customer pre-orders/purchase a pre-set amount of games then once the final game purchase has cleared that added bonus is attached to that purchase.

A customer places 5 eligble titles into their shopping queue(say 5 of the current $10 pre-order titles) & once they pre-order/purchase all 5 the fifth game would recieve $60 in myBB points, $40 bonus for the previous 4 games & $20 for the final game(the reg. $10 + $10 bonus).

Maybe the # of games would need to increase to 10 resulting in $200 total credit or a possible way to allow all game pre-orders to recieve some credit compensation.

Either option is a huge financial committment to BB & $120 GCU, $300 or $600 annually, but BB has the benefit of larger pre-orders amounts which should equate to cheaper per unit orders.

Being able to advertise "EVERY NEW GAME IS $47.99 WITH $20 CREDIT" would completely remove key competitors in the gaming market. And the added affects on GCU with mybb points leading to non gaming sales & more active trade in volumes serves to strengthen the entire program. Also, this would be an equally potent benefit combined with 20% off there would no longer be any reason not ro fork over $120.

Wolfenstein pre-order numbers should provide insight to how strongly the lure of $20 credit with 20% can be.

Status: Acknowledged
I did hear back on this and was informed at this time we would not be moving forward on this idea.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎04-15-2014 12:05 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Would anyone else have any feedback on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎04-15-2014 04:34 PM

i miss the old pre-orders of "Victory Can Be Pre-Ordered".  THAT was a huge benefit that I would like to see come back.

on ‎04-18-2014 09:26 PM
Mario kart 8 for the Wii U if you preorder= get $20 in rewards MLB 2014 PlayStation 4 if you preorder= get a free copy of MLB 2014 on the PS Vita
on ‎04-23-2014 10:28 AM

I'm definitely in support of this. It would make so many "maybe" preorders become day-one purchases.

on ‎04-23-2014 04:48 PM

I think gamers club unlocked members should get the $20 certificate, we paid for this premium feature there is no reason why the free members should get the same deal. 

on ‎04-25-2014 07:06 PM
@qualityman 13 is correct there should rarely if not never be a time where a customer paying $120 is recieving the same benefit(s) as one who hasn`t paid anything that`s a primary flaw with GCU gotta make the paying customers "feel" special/appreciated it goes a long way to creating brand loyalty. Customers will leave a store with bad service & go elsewhere and possibly pay more if they were scorned badly enough by the 1st store out of principal. Likewise, they may pay more for extremely great CS & amazing personal attention.

That`s one of the main reasons knowing a customers name and/or personal reason(s) for being at a specific business wins, a customer feels that the business doesn`t just want "Tim`s" money it wants a happy "Tim" AND "Tim`s" money. Because there`s only 1 "Tim" who`s already loyal where as "Tom" may go to whoever has the best deal.

"Tim`s" are Elite Plus who remain lifetime loyal shoppers supporting a company for their lifetime, "Tom`s" are what have you done for me lately. And even if you did them well all month till Monday they may shop elsewhere on Tuesday b/c you`re $3 higher vs pricematching. Which customers do you wanna have more of & which will keep you in business longer?
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎07-10-2014 02:13 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
Thanks for all the input. We have forwarded this onto the appropriate team. Once we hear back from them I will post back to this idea.
on ‎07-10-2014 07:06 PM

This is an excellent idea.  Even as a GCU member, I find myself hunting for deals for preorders.  Many times, other stores have deals that beat out a single game deal at Best Buy, for everything else...  Well there is GCU.


So a stronger incentive with BB would lead me to always shop at BB.


I have nothing really 'binding' me to Best Buy.  If I see a very good deal elsewhere, I take it.  Best Buy however, could sway me into being extremely loyal with stronger deals.


I like supporting my local Best Buy.  The employees at both locations are knowledgable and very curteous.  They employ many people and that is always important.  If I can even have deals that are 'on par' with competition, I'm going to side with Best Buy.

on ‎07-11-2014 03:29 AM

I loved that "Buy 5, get $100" deal, or whatever it was from 2011. I bought five new release games that year.


Never did that before that, and haven't done it since.


I'd definitely go for it if it made a return. Getting an extra $10 per game for committing to five is a great idea.

on ‎07-11-2014 12:35 PM

Extra incentive to buy more games from BB would be great.  Maybe it could be tiered where if you buy 3 games it's $13 per, 4 games is $16 per, etc.  I'd definitely be down to buy 5 new games!

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