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Offer a 1 year GCU "Household" Subscription w/extended benefits

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by on ‎05-01-2014 07:38 PM

Since GCU isn`t supposed to be shared even within the household & the limits that apply to 1 current account hurts the subs value if only 1 $10 pre-order bonus can be earned or just 3 titles can be purchased. So offer a GCU "household subscription account geared towards multiple people sharing one expanded account. Reduce the upfront cost to $80-$100 but add value to the subscription by unrestricting it. Since the subs are shared the $80-$100 would actually be cheaper than the current GCU 2 people paying $50 would cover the yr.



You would then get the 20% off up to 6 of the same titles per account & up to 3 promos like the $10 pre-order credit per account. Any more of either benefit beyond the limits would be subject to a $2 or $3 a la carte fee vs a account suspension or banning. If a customer feels it`s worth for a 7th discounted title then the $2-$3 fee would auto-add.



I think there should be some other benefits added to justify such a high upfront cost just like with the current $120 GCU most currently have existing ideax threads already. Being able to cater to all shoppers is paramount.

Status: Tell Us More
Interesting idea. I guess I'm not clear on the exact amount this type of account would cost. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎05-02-2014 08:20 AM



but no seriously great suggestion right here

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-02-2014 10:18 AM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Interesting idea. I guess I'm not clear on the exact amount this type of account would cost. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎05-02-2014 11:08 AM
I guess $99 for 1 year for up to 6 discounted games & 3 $10 pre-orders. Adding a Household exclusive enhanced welcome kit coupon pack would do wonders too.
on ‎05-03-2014 11:58 AM

Hey enuf,


I'm just wondering about this idea, wouldn't this make it better than the present GCU? I see now you are considering $99 per year on this and that may be more effective, so I just want to ask this to see where you're going with this:


1) In the current GCU, I could technically buy 3 games for friends/family the same way for a household, I just wouldn't get multiple pre-order bonuses. Couldn't I just get the household GCU and do this same thing while still being able to purchase 3 more discounted titles in the future?


2) Perhaps the account can be made where a certain few people can go to the store using the GCU account. For example, If I made a new GCU account, I could allow myself and name maybe 2-3 trusted friends or family members who can also shop and use these benefits by giving the cashier our phone number or their phone number and ID so we(the GCU account holders) don't have to be at every point of purchase. Your fee for anything over 6 would still apply.


If I missed anything here I apologize, but the idea is solid so good luck.

on ‎05-03-2014 06:03 PM

I am not a big fan of this idea. You might as well just buy two gamer club unlocked accounts the difference in price would not be that much especially if you wait till it goes on sale when it's $60 for two years. As far as letting someone else use your GCU account all you have to do is give them your phone number.

on ‎05-03-2014 08:15 PM
Technically, a person could`ve bought two subs @ $60 each when BB had the sale to get similar benefits but you`d still be stuck to only 1 added promo per account. Having up to 3 promos per account is great b/c it would carry over all of the promotions not just the $10 pre-orders.

I`d assume we`d see different promos geared towards them too. Free GC, GCU & GCU HH only paid subs should get the premier benefits & if you`re GCU or GCU HH then there should be some better elite perks.

Even if reg. GCU members jump on the household sub BB will benefit will more gross revenue which hopefully they put back into the program making it better.
on ‎05-05-2014 08:08 AM

LOL Sorry Enuf. But I just can't get behind them adding this 'tier' subscription, since I have a feeling it wouldn't be too long until they bumped up the reg GCU to $70-80 a year with NO discounts for long time members with the 20% off for new titles being the only 'perk' left since the mag is gone or nearly gone now and the bi weekly coupons are down to ONE for this week on freakin' Zumba(eyeroll). 


Between them eliminating the 'activities' on their Facebook page that turned into many a $5 certificate for me thanks to those free points, changing the tiers on their RZ/MyBB program and the return periods for them and now nerfing/nuking good parts of the GCU program, my purchasing habits at BB as a whole have changed dramatically.


Not to mention the fact that the game trade-in program values make Gamestop's look generous by comparison nowadays. 


I just don't want to give corporate anymore reason to further nerf the paid program many of us have been long time members of.

on ‎05-06-2014 10:44 AM

No need to be "sorry" state your point of view that`s the best way to get change we have to start the discussion. Overall, I wouldn`t be to worried about them increasing the reg.GCU to above $60 for some time anyways most people are already locked in for 2 yrs plus.


In all honesty I`d be "okay" with a full GCU increase to $99 per year across the board BUT GCU would be DRASTICALLY different than what`s being provided now. Even at $120 for 2 yrs they should be doing much more. Although, you`re more of a cheapy than me & prefer to wait till games are at firesale prices I could craft quite a program that would really consistantly tempt even you to pay $100. Most of the ideas are already posted in various forms thru ideax but in 10 steps or less most consumers would have to give serious thought to joining for $100.

1- Fully enhanced welcome kit available instantly physically in-store or w/i 10 minutes via email with online signup. The kit would feature 20 upgraded coupons covering all systems & coupons for trade ins too.

2- Fully enhanced @gamer replacement coupons 20 per month covering all systems. Available instantly same way the welcome kit comes. Then found on mybb each month going forward.

3- Fully enhanced pre-order/purchase credit system, $15 on every $60 title, $10 on every $40 title, $20 upgrades on as many other premier titles as can be worked out with publishers.

4- Permanent $5 trade in bonus on titles pre-ordered/purchased at BB on release week & traded back within 30 days from release.

5- Minimum trade in value on titles pre-ordered/purchased at BB on release week & traded back within 30 days from release.

6- $10 credit for every $200 spent on gaming or every $200 trade in.

7- 5x mybb points on all systems, accessories & PSN/XBL cards

8- 20% discount extended to digital games & digital games go on sale just like physical games.

9- 365 GCU only exclusive DOTD`s & 2 monthly premier coupons 1 completely based on your purchase habits the other completely random.

10- Ability to use mybb pts to purchase additional coupons.

11- Coupons recieved during trade ins addition to your trade in value which would be on various items in & out of gaming plus mulipliers for additional trade ins.

12- Early/extended access to various sales including Black Friday which would be 1 full week in advance for GCU members only.

13- Increase purchase limits & trade in limits per sub.

14- 60 weekly ad and/or 2 sales exclusive to GCU only.

15- All $100+ CE/SE recieve added credit based on their MSRP, DLC on the receipt/in game case, release day shipping & increased steelbook packaging.

Although, I may not get your $100 on Jan 1st with the consistant barrage of deals/offers/coupons that would leak to various sites being limited to GCU members only eventually most will cave & pay the $100. I`d get 10+ million members year 1 & top out near 20 million in year 2 20 million would probably be the standard member count.
on ‎05-06-2014 05:34 PM

At $100 most of what you just posted probably wouldn't appeal to me, since I tend to keep any new release titles far too long and only buy them very very sporadically anymore.


About the only thing from your ideas above that I would probably like would be the targeted coupons and the year round DOTD's for GCU(idea #9).


Although the #7 idea is pretty nice too. It would make buying a new system somewhat worthwhile.


What I would absolutely love to see though is a return to promotions on Best Buy's Facebook page where you could earn points towards certificates on there. I earned so many of them when they had their daily activity on there.Smiley Very HappySmiley Wink

on ‎05-07-2014 09:52 AM
I don`t know how you`re gonna pass up getting the black friday deals one week early considering you could re-up to get the b2g1 welcome kit coupons + 20% off + 2x pts. Getting newer fall releases for $20-$25 not long after release is a good temptation & not standing in line for hours on thanksgiving day.

Plus it would pretty hard to turn down a quick play thru of a game that doesn`t have much replay value if you know going in you`re getting $20-$25 pre-order credit & locked in for another $35-$40 for trading it back in that`s pretty low risk. There may come a time or two that you are willing to jump on a day 1 deal & BB will be there lol.

And I`m sure the @gamer coupons + sale prices + 20% + 2x pts would generate tons of interest. You may wanna wait till $5-$10 firesale clearances but chances are those would be gone most people would purchase coupons using mybb pts or acquire other coupons making the games $20-$30 very early on depleting the stock. Hell 3-4 straight months like the $10 B:AC would just about break most people.

#9 is the key move b/c a persons will power can be broken just imagine in a 30 day month you missing out on 18 no brainer buys 10 in a row. The fact that a consistant buyer would be racking up credit would make it even more tempting.
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