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New Idea - Stop making it a consumer problem to keep or dispose of TVs and other tech products.

Status: Acknowledged
by CoolGames on ‎09-06-2018 09:55 AM

What if Insignia was a name that meant it could be returned to Best Buy and create a profit !

Remember return deposits ?
Remeber trade in value ?

If cars were treated like most things Best Buy sells we would be up to the sky in stacks of cars

to be shreaded instead of resold as used.

Every parking lot would be filled with only working vehicles and repair shops would be downsized

as broken cars were to expensive to fix.

But then they would be inexpensive again like $1000 for economy or $10,000 for top of the line so

I guess there is a bright side to this blight !

Since China stopped accepting e-waste companies like Best Buy have been put in the possition of

accepting the tech products and finding a way to defray the cost of disposal.


My idea is not novel or unique and therefore probubly not popular but what if we went back to design for

servicabilty and long life.

What if we went back to QUALITY as the domininant feature instead of pixels and diiagonal size vs cost.


Building cheaper should include better as well.
Let's think a "Better Buy" is at "Best Buy" or change the name to "Good Buy" as in goodbye !

I can't do it alone as I am near end of  my patient life as well having seen when "Quality was job one"

was compared to "Fix Or Repair Daily".
The World's Faire in the 1960's envisioned a life of comfort and luxury and we all bought it and now

we need to return that life style for heaps of junk or old stuff no one wants.


Pay back is a b....


Anyone else up for pushing back on manufacturers and time to get it back down to EARTH before

there is no space on EARTH left ?

 Start today to complain a little louder and longer but not to those salepeople but to the CEO and VP's that

can make a change happen !

Hubert Joly is chairman and CEO of Best Buy Co. Inc., the leading provider of consumer technology products and services, with approximately 125,000 employees in North America and approximately $40 billion in annual revenue.

Now, Mr. Joly is leading Best Buy into its next phase, Best Buy 2020: Building the New Blue. In this next phase, Best Buy is driven by a clear purpose: to help customers pursue their passions and enrich their lives with the help of technology. 

Under Mr. Joly’s leadership, Best Buy has committed to help provide, each year, technology training and career pathing to one million under-served teens in the US. Additionally, Best Buy is on a path to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. The rate technology is currently advancing, and changing, I just don't see any manufacturer following through with this idea. Why fix something that is no longer relevant technology when you can buy comparable technology for less that it would cost to repair said item.

by Emerging Expert
on ‎09-07-2018 07:35 AM

That is a really bad idea for any retail store. 


OF course the responsibility of disposing of old electronics should be on the shoulders of the person who purchased it. These are not cars.  A car dealer may give you a $3000 trade in on your car knowing they can clean it up and resell if for $5000.


Old electronics have almost no resale value.


YOU can resell your electronics on your own.  Auction sites, craigslist. etc...

by CoolGames
on ‎09-07-2018 01:00 PM
Bob, I see you play games. Do you pay to throw away old game cartridges ? I agree it is a problem that retailers may not be in place to handle but only discussing positive responsible ways to up cycle or recycle will a solution be practical. Retailers just need to figure how to reduce the costs of destruction as part of the manufacturing process. If devices are the weak link then design where those devices can be destroyed or reused. I started this idea after having a 3 year old 19 inch Insignia HDTV which cost $69 new on sale die and be told it is not worth fixing. I asked for $10 trade in on new $59 on sale TV of same model. The technology may not have changed but the new parts cost less than the repair chain can absorb. $49 plus $5 reward means two of the same TVs cost $69 plus $44 or $113 instead of $118 + twice $25 recycle charge. Even waiving the $25 fee for replacement seemed better than saying 3 years is life plus fee to dispose of. If Best Buy took that TV and sold it as refurbished then both of us make out plus a third customer getting a repaired usable TV for less than $59. I can see if the panel was physically broke but often this symptom is bad assembly not physical defect.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎09-10-2018 01:32 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. The rate technology is currently advancing, and changing, I just don't see any manufacturer following through with this idea. Why fix something that is no longer relevant technology when you can buy comparable technology for less that it would cost to repair said item.

by CoolGames
on ‎09-10-2018 01:54 PM
Allan-BBY My complaint is having to repair in three (3) years not about upgrading technology ! New TV is SAME tech as far as I see so not changing connections, power or resolution which are normally the reason I replace an older model. There seems to be a pervasive argument here that I should replace previously working device with the same device only newer when original device breaks and appreciate the savings realized by not having to pay for repair. The price of disposal is nearly half the cost of new but not viewed with the same forethought as the cost of repair. This adds to the trashed device heap rather than making a responsible effort to protect the consumers investment and by association the environment. I don't expect to win this or any other battle when most responses are from Best Buy and satisfied customers. Most that would understand my position have already made the decision to change what or where they buy rather than change an immovable strategy with just a "NEW IDEA". I will end up paying for what ever TV I chose since I usually buy from Best Buy since Lechmere , Circuit City and others disappeared. Sears already failed to respond after being the leader for so many decades. Toys R Us as well. In another 3 years there may be another choice but for now I like Best Buy. Lee
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