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More computer information

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by on ‎07-17-2013 08:08 AM

As a person who views the website everyday to try to get the best price on a computer when it comes out I have found the information to be provided is mediocre at best.


Normally it doesn't list what motherboard is being used, what wattage the power supply is, what type of memory it is ( 1333, 1866, etc), how many bays and what size bays are in the case, what type of computer case it is, and etc.


For a retail store that tries to have the cheapest price, with the best products the site doesn't do honor to it's name. To lead you must have the best information, the MOST information.


I am suggesting that more computer details on the specific products itself are listed at least in the specs tab or something.


I would like to also suggest putting a warranty page on the page where you can view on that tab the different year possibilities for a warranty and the price for each year. I shouldn't have to add to cart then wait for it to add to cart, then go to checkout, and then view what warranty to choose. It should be three clicks, then checkout instead of 10 clicks and checkout does that make sense? 

Status: Tell Us More
I fully admit I found this idea interesting, and as someone who wants as much information as possible I can't agree more. Would anyone else like to see this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎07-17-2013 10:34 AM
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I fully admit I found this idea interesting, and as someone who wants as much information as possible I can't agree more. Would anyone else like to see this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎07-17-2013 11:29 AM

I mean if you think about it you are going to have people like myself who actually is experienced in building/upgrading computers in general. If I wanted to buy a pre-built system that could be built upon later I would need to know exactly what  am buying up front instead of buying the product and then finding out. 




I could buy a 500$ computer, find out later it only has 2 of a certain size bay, well that could be very bad for me. i woudl have to go out then and waste another 300$ on a case that fit my needs. I know I wouldn't be a happy camper if I had to do that. Smiley LOL


More information.


On motherboards I suggest listing :


-how many memory slots ( very important for the video editor enthusiast!)

-how much memory it can hold

-what type of memory it supports(VERY IMPORTANT)


-what size it is ( I wouldn't want to buy a computer case that's going to be a mid tower and it can't hold an xlatx for example)

-socket type ( am3 / lg2011 / etc ) 

-sli/crossfire and how many times compatible





-I'm sure as a business you may not want to list this but I suggest listing the manufacturer. As a computer builder there are just certain companies that I WILL stay away from. 

-list the speed of the memory(1333, etc )

-list if its 2x2 = 4gb or if its 1x8 gb to = 8 gb. This is VERY improtant as well as it tells somebody like me okay there are four slots open, and there is ONE slot in use or TWO slots in use.



Storage - Hard Drive/ SSD's


-Can't really think of anything as everything looks good on there. I have never personally experienced a difference manufacturer wise that would change my opinion of one company over another.


Video Card/GPU's


-chipset of course which you already do

-sli/crossfire capabilities (again I woudln't want to buy a 2,000$ computer that is for gaming and then find out later I will have to replace the current "godo" video card for a better one x 3-4.)

-Make sure that the ports that are on the card are actually listed, and if a prot isn't listed at least list it to tell us taht it isn't on there. I can't even start to count the amount of times I have called up customer service and had to ask okay does this have a vga port, does this have hdmi? Sometimes BestBuy does a good job sometimes they don't. 



-Manufacturer. This is a biggy. I woudl NEVER buy an off brand computer case. Corsair/Cooler Master/Antec and maybe a few others but those are the top three I would be looking for in a case!

-Type - What type of case is it/ Is it full tower, mid tower, etc?

-Motherboard size fits? Some smaller cases are just the right size to fit a motherboard some aren't. I know for a fact nromally you can tell by the case so maybe some way to tell us what size motherboard fits/doesn't fit?

-How many external/internal bays it has (for each size such as : 5.25, 3.5, and 2.5)


PSU/Power Supplies


-Number one item and always very important...tell us what the actual wattage is for the power supply! I have bought more than one computer on BestBuy before where the power supply is under par and would never be considered proper for the build! Tell us so that way we know if we need to keep or replace with a better one.

-Tell us the manufacturer, very similar to cases certain brands I just wouldn't buy from. (Example: GENERALLY xtreme's are used in cyberpower's, I need to know in advance so I can purchase a better power supply)



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