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Military Discount

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by on ‎05-28-2015 11:07 AM
Best Buy can really stand out in front of all retailers by offering military discounts at final checkout in store and online between 10-20%. (little to zero retails offer this. BBY would really be the ultimate leader with this support to our military (veterans, retired, active, reserve, and families) with solid verification ID/DD214.
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This idea has been offered before and I can't imagine that anyone would disagree. I would like to hear from more customers and employees about this. 


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by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-28-2015 12:14 PM
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This idea has been offered before and I can't imagine that anyone would disagree. I would like to hear from more customers and employees about this. 


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by Valued Expert
on ‎05-29-2015 07:27 AM

Online would certanly not be an option as you would need to present your ID live and in person.


Despite popular belief BB markup is not 500% on items.  Well it may be on very inexpensive items but not on big ticket items.


We could also see abuse in this as well from people getting their military friends to purchase things for them.


As a former US Navy Veteran I like it.  From the point of view of a business owner I would not do it.  I tell people who ask for Police or Military discounts that I would have to raise prices in order to afford to give you a discount.  What I have done instead is offer free shipping to Police Stations and FPO/APO addresses and direct to military commands.


Howver, military people have a significant number of options for purchases from AAFES, VA Locations and on base Exchanges.  I was in the VA in January and they had a Sony 4K TV for about $300 less then the BB across town.

on ‎06-02-2015 07:57 PM

As a veteran, of course I'd like to see a discount Smiley Happy I just never expect discounts.

on ‎12-10-2015 06:28 PM

Best Buy does not offer discounts, my local post listed all stores that do provide Vet's discounts and Best WAS NOT ON IT!


 I am evening having difficulty get best buy to deliver to the Post 2 donated TV's. Their delivery service will not deliver after 3PM when the post opens. So between the 2 of them USP and Best Buy, all Vets should consider not purchasing from them!


by Valued Expert
on ‎12-10-2015 07:56 PM

Well it is pretty messed up that the post does not open until after 3pm.  I bet the post has more issuees with that than just BB.   Go pick up the donated TV's


on ‎12-10-2015 11:49 PM

I think you need to think before commenting. 


Our Post host events for Seniors and others groups in the days, from Breakfast to clinics, these events have their own entry and don't require members present. Our Post also donates 100% fundraising back to the community and Veteran. Sponsoring events from Veteran Homeless shelters, Veteran Job clinics, medical clinics at nights, assisting funding families x-mass for military deployed overseas, to given air ticket for military spouse/children to visits domestically and to helping homeless shelters.



Also funding events in the community from parades, Easter egg hunts for children, cemetery markers for Veterans, planting flowers each year at Veterans graves and scholarships for college students. Hosting Boy/Girl/Brownies/Cup Scouts nights. I could go on and on…



The post is open a short time during the day because most of us are young and work during the day. Most of our older Veterans either volunteer driving others Veterans to doctors offices, visiting and reading for hospitalized veterans and to volunteer as drivers for Meals on wheels.


We have a very dedicated group of Veterans who wish to still serve their country and community after their obligation to serve and protect you!



Last Best Buy will not deliver the TV’s to a local store, this was asked and recommended.



Are you also against veterans?

on ‎06-27-2020 01:25 AM

Agree on this

on ‎07-29-2022 05:31 PM
I’m a veteran myself. My argument would be.. why should we get things regular everyday people can’t get. Sure you guys don’t go through what we have, but you still go through an awful lot of stress through out the day. I’m happy they don’t provide us with discounts. If regular everyday people don’t get them then we shouldn’t get special treatment either.
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