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Lens Bands for SLR Camera Lenses

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by sweetaromany on ‎05-22-2012 04:01 PM


Model: 2752B002 | SKU: 9065174

This lens is compatible with a wide variety of Canon digital cameras and features 4-stop optical image stabilization to ensure that each shot comes out looking clear and sharp. Learn about different types of lenses ›

Sale: $560.99

As an avid photographer and self-proclaimed camera junky I was disappointed to find out that your store doesn't carry any LensBands. I recently purchased a Canon 18-200mm zoom lens from one of your stores in NYC. If you've ever used one of these you know that the main issue with most zoom lenses is that they have a tendancy to slide out on their own; causing the lenses to either disrupt your focus. Not to mention that it's just plain annoying!!! That's exactly what's happening with mine!!


Best Buy is usually really good at carrying the necessary accessories. This is one of them! Lens Bands are the perfect solution and it helps that they are relatively inexpensive. I called a few times to find out if Best Buy carried it at any of their stores. When I wasn't sure, I decided to just head on over.This is what I found out.


Down Side: Best Buy doesn't carry Lens Bands

Up Side: The sales associate there was so helpful. He wanted me to be happy so he referred me to another local photography store in NYC ( __ & __ Photo Video in Midtown) . Needless to say, they had it in stock! So cheers to Best Buy for displaying true customer service. Most places would have just told me that they didn't have it and then moved on. It's the extra steps that SOME employees take that really make it a great place to shop. So, BEST BUY... get some LENS BANDS and you'll be perfect! At least in my book... lol. Then I can have a one stop shopping experience and buy my lenses and accessories in one shot.






Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the product suggestion
by DaleFiorillo
on ‎05-24-2012 09:59 PM
Not a gimmick, sooner or later all zoom lenses will need this. Some lenses need it right out of the box, others take some amount of zooming. Internal tolerances of little parts. Rubber bands and Yellow Livestrong bracelets might work, but I'd rather have the right thing on my expensive lenses. Glad I have mine.
by gmc4tkd
on ‎05-24-2012 10:28 PM

  I bought a lensband for my Nikon 18-200 DX.  It put a stop to "lens creep" and was not intrusive in any way.  I recommend this product!

by davebeal
on ‎05-25-2012 01:53 AM

Love the lensband! I too have a Canon 18-200mm lens and it's a bit heavy handed on the tripod aiming down hills and upwards for sky shots. The lensband keeps it from moving and maintains the settings just fine. So Best Buy what are you waiting for? Get them in stock NOW!Smiley Happy

by georgedap
on ‎05-25-2012 04:25 AM

It works great and it's cheap, it does what it says it will and it's cheap, it works, it's cheap, I could go on but you get the point.

by oneill419
on ‎05-25-2012 03:54 PM

The bands fit well and I like the color they add to the camera.

Jim ONeill

by mikeallday
on ‎05-25-2012 05:35 PM

I'm a professional photographer. I purchase everything my canon dslr camera needs at my local best buy. Sometimes my camera lens CREEP which gets annoying. I heard about the Lens Band and wish best buy would carry that product. come on guys I really need it!!!

by fmml
on ‎05-26-2012 11:00 AM

Simple and great, I love Lensband!!!!!Smiley Happy

by leevitup2god
on ‎05-26-2012 07:19 PM
Pros: Lens Bands work exactly as promised to stop unwanted lens movement. They stretch to various sizes to fit all lenses in my camera bag. My favorite are the glow in the dark bands which are simply genius. Especially when I'm out shooting long exposures, I can see all my lenses in pitch black darkness. Best of all, they are cheap to buy.  Cons: Wasn't available at Best Buy. Shortly after Christmas, I had a gift card and was hoping to purchase this from the Best Buy in Harlem. I didn't see them there and their staff never heard of it. I even looked on BB website and found nothing. If you still don't know what a Lens Band is, take a look:
by mborn12
on ‎05-27-2012 05:15 AM

A great product that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.  I use them on all my lens that suffer from lens creep. try one and you will not be without them.  best buy carry them.  I bet you will have a hard time keeping them in stock

by fromhereonend
on ‎05-27-2012 05:42 AM

Excellent product ... i use it all the time .. it has settled an age old problem for me and works exactly as described ... great job Lens Band!

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