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Insignia headphone surround adapter for all media

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by on ‎01-21-2020 05:46 PM
I found some good news in 2009, I saved over $9,000 on a surround sound system. Instead of trying to have professionally installed a communal surround sound system in an asymmetric room which takes lots of labor to balance plus is only balance for one person in the room, I got Turtle Beach headsets which work on any media that outputs in Toslink a Dolby surround sound signal.

It's a lot cheaper and more realistic than communal surround. And I found a way to make it partially communal by transmitting the headphone output signal which is a two-track stereo signal through an FM channel that's that mean broadcast in your area and then you just receive it on an FM receiver with headphones plugged into it. Easy instant multiplication of a surround sound signal.

It doesn't make much sense with Turtle Beach headsets because that's for gaming, but for movie watching and TV watching and internet watching, FM transmitter the output is perfect for multiple users. The only cost of adding an extra user is adding an extra FM receiver and a headphone to plug it in, and it could be any stereo headphone that covers your ears shortly, no special headphones required.

But the problem is that Turtle Beach only translates from Dolby 7.1 discrete to Dolby Headphone. The problems come when the inbound signal is either DTS surround or lpcm surround. Natively DTS output silence unless your DVD player could convert DTS to Dolby, and even the best converters on the Xbox One do not have convincing sonic directionalism because it's doing a double translation first from DTS Toslink encoded to Dolby toslink encoded, and then from Dolby surround to Dolby headphone. The more times you translate the less elegant the language, and the directional information got lost in the shuffle.

with lpcm surround the problem is there's not enough bandwidth within the toslink cable to submit 6 uncompressed signals,. So it just sends and lpcm 2.0 signal through Toslink.

now unfortunately all the surround sound headphones are going in the wrong direction for movie lovers. Now all of them rely on internal computer / console surround encoders to translate surround sound into to track headphone and then pop that out through USB, while the device does nothing in and of itself.

The only way you can have an external decoder that works by itself that could work with Dolby Atmos. DTS X and lpcm 7.1,. Is to have an HDMI input and output with the middle device translating the Dolby Atmos DTS x + or lpcm 7.1 into either unprocessed sending it out to a communal system or process into surround headphone 2.0.

I never purchased a surround sound system other than my Turtle Beach. So I'm making assumptions about them. I assume all stereo decoders take a Dolby signal and converted to lpcm separated into multiple discrete speakers using the Dolby algorithm, and severely with the DTS signal and algorithm.

I assume the best way to convert any surround multitrack system to a headphone surround is to use the headphone encoder in the same language as the surround sound.

If I were to give it a model number I call it a 121, standing for a one-to-one conversion of surround language to headphone language.

Double translation ruins the surround effect. So Dolby Headphone converts everything from Dolby Pro Logic to Dolby Atmos, DTS X headphone converts everything from DTS x to the most basic version of DTS,. And lpcm headphone converts lpcm 7.1 and lower to a to track headphone soundtrack using method similar to Nintendo's headphone surround.

Another reason why I think this would be good is because Nintendo's headphone surround only works on the Wii U in gamepad mode and on the switch in docked mode. That's because the headphone plug is convenient to you. However a Wii U in wiimote mode as well as the switch in one of the undocumented woods will not work right because the headphone Port is so far away and they also interfere with your joycon / wiimote movement.

and then regardless of what it does to the surround HDMI signal the translator pipes out through a 3.5 mm headset and an FM transmitter so you could listen locally with wired headphones or you can listen anywhere the FM transmitter could broadcast and just add an FM signal to have surround Sound by a headphone locally where you are. Awesome multiple players at the same game could have headphone surround.... As long as everyone gets the same audio perspective, meaning everyone hears the sounds like it's coming from center stage.

this'll probably makes surround sound more common because a headphone decoder at FM transmitter a pair of common over-ear headphones and an FM receiver is cheaper then typical Dolby and DTS equipment. Plus it uses less energy so you don't need amplifier circuits, because you use less energy when the speakers are few centimeters to your ears on the earphones. Also you don't have to worry about dogs or cats chewing wires or knocking over speakers.
Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for your thoughts here.

on ‎01-21-2020 06:06 PM
Also there could be a retro version with toslink, which can be the 3.5 m m device which can either hook up RCA L/R for analog audio, as well as digital 3.5 which uses a toslink to 3.5 mini toslink adapter, plus coaxial spdif hole, and use that same coaxial hole for coaxial AC3 RF. At a combined old and new version with both the HDMI and the above inputs.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎02-25-2020 10:35 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for your thoughts here.

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