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Insignia Depth Charge - turns any 2d screen into a 3d one

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-21-2020 05:12 PM
I noticed that by 2012 the number one 3D TV for those who insist on the 3D format was the PlayStation 3D TV. Why because for $200 you got the cheapest way to watch 3D.

Starting in 2013 they decide to put 3D on larger, more expensive, and more premium TVs.

My dad bought a Sony TV in 2008 and got a factory furnace replacement in 2009 for free. That TV still works today.

he would have bought a 3D TV except he did not want to throw out his perfectly working 2DTV.

If the word device you could add to any 2dtv to make it a 3D TV, kind of liking the same way you add Dolby surround to an existing TV,. And if it costs the same price as a PlayStation 3D TV did or less,. It'd be worth the pick up.

I think I got two different technologies that could be used to turn any 2D TV into 3D TV.

The shutter based technology is pretty easy. Sega invented it with the Sega Master System Sehascope 3D.

the only problem with getting that type of technology to work now is you have to compensate for Ping times.

However people complain about shutter based 3d, I prefer polar 3D. The problem with polar 3D is that a you have to buy the right size polar filter, and b) have it professionally installed or else the effect will not be good at all, and see requires such equipment it's exactly put on the 3D filter that the only people who could do it easily our professionals.

However I got a solution for the polar base glasses. I was thinking of a hybrid system which I call an active polar system. If there's a way you could change polarity by 90° in an instant, kind of like how LCD panels flicker alternate lie between total black and color, maybe the two alternating flickers could be opposite polarities, and the signal would be alternate frames, then all you have to sell is active polar filters that are approximately close to certain sizes. And also could be more amateurly installed then someone with a true puller kit.

Also there would be some strategies on 3D broadcasting that I proposed to an engineer at a Cleveland TV station which would make 3D television more 2d friendly.

The basic idea is if you don't want 3D do nothing.

I noticed some retro television stations were broadcasting in 30 Hertz. I also heard some television producers directors and Camerapeople preferred the look of 30 Hertz as more realistic, rather than 60 hertz which has the soap opera effect.

Just like Dolby surround information is encoded within the signal what brought out with the decoder,. Maybe we could default 3D TV as of 30 Hertz tag, an add a second timer called 3D, which on regular TV is ignored just like the Dolby surround information, but when you buy a quipment to decode it and display it,. Then the content will be in 3D.

It solves the two biggest problems that played 3D TV in 2012. One was 2d friendliness and the other was bandwidth concerns. Side by side half solves bandwidth concerns but ruins 2D friendliness. At the time you only other way around with simulcast 2D and 3D versions. Even if the second I was full HD and hidden and encoded. It would be a waste of a station to add a 2nd eye channel.

30 Hertz by two eyes makes non 3D TVs look at it like a 30 hertz by one eye show whenever 3d equipment is absent, and because the number one complaint is that that 3D sucks it's just that they don't want to be forced to watch everything at all times in 3D,. this is probably the easiest option where you could turn 3D on and off however you want whenever you want. It's always stored in 3d, and the only thing you have to do to make it 2d is throw away one eye.

Got more details coming soon. Just seeing if insignia might be interested in making the insignia Depth Charge, a device to turn any 2D TV into a 3D TV.
Status: Acknowledged
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎02-25-2020 10:38 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
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