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How to do SEO for Website Free Step by Step for Beginners

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by on ‎09-12-2022 04:26 AM

Today we will learn how to do SEO for website free step by step. How important SEO is to a web designer cannot be overstated. But today I will say something that I think will be very useful for those who want to learn new SEO. Let’s start with how To Do SEO For a Website Free Step by Step for Beginners.

  1. What SEO means?

The word SEO is basically associated with a website.  A process of getting visitors to a website. The process is SEO or search engine optimization.

Let me make it a little easier. You have a website. You have to come up with a process on how to get people to this website. First of all the website has to be introduced with different search engines. Then you have to comment on different blogs. SEO is the whole process of sharing on social media.

  1. How does SEO work?

This time I will try to give an overall idea about how SEO system works. The process that Google, Bing or other search engines work on is presented to you in a very short range. Suppose you have created a website. The theme is “How You Can Make Money from Blocks”

Now suppose you have multiple pages or posts on your website about making money from this block. You will be the first to create a site map of your site and you will submit your site map to various search engines. Then the server robot will come to your website and the site map that you have submitted. From that site map the robot will go to each page and check what information is on your page. You will check the scope of this page i.e. where there is a link to this page. It will check how unique your article is. A user or visitor will check how much time they are spending on your article…..Read More

on ‎01-12-2023 04:51 AM

Thanks for sharing information. It's crucial to know this if you want to start an online business.

on ‎01-12-2023 05:18 AM

SEO is about making sure that your website shows up as high as possible in search results when people are looking for keywords related to your business or website.

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