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Go back to requiring EVERYTHING be traded in with game trades

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by on ‎11-17-2014 02:30 PM

I don't think I'm the only one who has held off of buying pre-owned titles during the B2G1 sales because of incomplete copies being the only ones available at our local stores.


That was the ONE thing that differentiated Best Buy from Gamestop on the trade-in program and the one thing that made me happy about buying pre-owned from you guys was that I knew I could get a complete copy of a title in good/great shape because of that requirement.


Either start requiring everything be traded in with games traded in again OR ding people's trade-ins with refurbishing fees as a way to convince them to trade everything in or lose out on the full value of their games.

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Thanks for the input. Would anyone else like to see us put this idea into place? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎11-17-2014 03:22 PM
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Thanks for the input. Would anyone else like to see us put this idea into place? Make sure you vote for an idea if you like it.

on ‎11-17-2014 07:42 PM

no, sometimes you dont have a case such as if its a steel box or special edition. you can order it and if it comes without the original case return it or better yet go to the store and check out the selection.  Bad Idea

on ‎11-17-2014 10:38 PM
I don`t remember this being a requirement and.@qualityman has a point on not all games coming with cases. Refurb fees I`m so so on.
on ‎11-18-2014 12:44 PM

@qualityman13 Gamestop takes trade-ins of games with steel cases and such, so why would that be such an obstacle? If it's because the collectors out there don't want to part with their precious steelbook cases then maybe they aren't real collector's if they're trying to trade in their game in the first place.


And ordering stuff only to have to return it is a HASSLE. Not to mention the fact that BB is like many other chains and uses The Retail Experience to track returns and returning games just because I don't like that they came to be incomplete could lead to a return ban for me before long. 


As I've said before though, the crap selection at my local store is the reason why I've held off buying pre-owned from BB a LOT of the time. Unless they somehow had the games with the original case and artwork I just didn't buy anything. I know many games don't even come with a regular manual anymore and mar the inside of the artwork with a quick set of instructions(looking at you God Of War Ascension), so I gave up on requiring the manuals since not every game comes with them now.


But I still will NOT buy games pre-owned unless they 1) are in great shape AND 2) come complete.

on ‎11-18-2014 12:49 PM

@enuf I'm pretty sure it WAS a requirement at one point and that the employees had to check off if everything was included.


But that was before the values started to also mimic Gamestops and dropped like rocks and never rebounded.


Unfortunately that's another facet of the Gamer's Club and trade-in programs that I truly wish would come back like the coupons we used to get monthly. Smiley Sad

on ‎11-18-2014 04:05 PM

This would be a great idea. I stopped purchasing used games from Best Buy (especially from the online store) after receiving a few games in generic boxes and without their original manuals. 

on ‎11-18-2014 09:35 PM
That was stores on their wild wild west stuff it wasn`t BB policy I was actively trading from the start & I use close to 9 stores over 3 states(PA/NJ/DE). Also, gamestop values have never been close to BB`s across the board $44 credit on so many new releases that GS struggles to offer more than $35. That`s not including that alot of them come with $10 credit/$10 giftcards. Where GS outshines BB is that they`re smarter in regards to getting people to upgrade from last gen to current gen via trade in promos. GTAV and TLOU:R being recent examples. By offering a set $25-$30 value when traded towards the PS4/XB1 versions it gets customers to use both aspects of GCU. That`s the cycle BB needs to win but they`re slow to adapt.
on ‎11-20-2014 02:05 PM

I disagree, that would create too many problems. I think Best Buy wants to create a simple trade in process and this would discourage others from trading in at Best Buy. While it might help on the purchasing end of used games, there would be less trade ins overall. 

on ‎11-20-2014 05:07 PM

Simple trade-in process? Are you kidding me? The employees groan any time someone brings in disc only or disc + case only games to trade in. Why? Because then they have to manually look up every game that's missing a barcode.


Those UPC barcodes speed up the process if anything.


And less trade-ins overall? They've been getting WAY less from me since most of what I have is older stuff that's only worth $3-4 to begin with and they NEVER have the 100% promotion anymore or anything that might actually bump these titles up to being worthwhile for me to trade in.

by Emerging Expert
on ‎11-21-2014 07:05 AM

When I buy a used game I don't really care if I have everything other than complete working game disk(s).


However, I do agree thought that if someone is trading in a collectors edition, i.e. steel box etc...then it should be a complete trade in.  


Also, if the game comes with some sort of map that should be included.  Especially if the map is specifically useful to the game as a whole.

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