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Gift Cards!!

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by on ‎11-28-2016 08:24 PM

Why cant I load my gift cards into my account so that I always have a balance to use vs. having to ensure that I have the cards with me when I travel.  You are missing out on HUGE opportunity.  I just used Amazon instead of Best Buy for this very reason.  I was able to go right to my balance without having th physical card.  GET INTO THIS CENTURY PLEASE!!  IT IS A REAL TURN OFF TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR STORE.

Status: Tell Us More

You aren't the first customer to make this suggestion, and I have to agree with you here. Would anyone else like to see this as an option? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Valued Contributor
on ‎01-19-2017 03:34 PM

I'm all for this! I load Starbucks gift cards onto my account all the time using their mobile app, and have even sent e-gift cards like @bobberuchi suggested, so I think this would be a great feature for Best Buy Gift Cards too.

on ‎02-16-2017 07:49 AM

@rromagnole @davidsz @Sam15

This has already been suggested by @hiteshpatel back in May 2016.  Search for ideas before you create new duplicate ones because the 15 up-votes that exist on this idea could've been added to the 34 up-votes on the original idea and the chances of Best Buy merging these ideas are little to none (which basically means the idea appears to have a lot less traction than it does). Not being disrespectful, just hoping that you see the strategy behind the method.



on ‎03-08-2017 05:59 AM
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-02-2017 05:01 PM
Status changed to: Under Review

We are looking into whether or not we can provide this option to our customers. I'll let you know once I know more.

on ‎08-28-2017 01:04 PM

Awesome to see this possibly coming to fruition. I'd like to expand on this and add the functionality to ApplePay/Samsung Pay. I think having the gift cards loaded to the best buy account is awesome!


To expand that further I'd like to see us be able to use gift card balance through the wallet feature of these devices. This would not only add security (fingerprint/facial recognition) but ease of use at checkout.


Having the wallet information be real time is a must as well. Some cards you add to wallet do not have real time point/balance updates which might be a detriment to someone calculating purchase amount based on this information.



I'd also love to see this expanded to the Rewards membership card. Theres should be no reason I dont already have a Best Buy Elite Plus card loaded to my Apple Wallet. I have about 6 accounts listed under my phone number and its always a hastle to make sure the associate is able to select the correct listing. Having the rewards card in Apple Pay/Samsung Pay would be super convenient and could piggyback off of the technology used to implement this feature with Gift Card Account Balances.


Hope you might be able to bring some of these additional ideas with you as well to the implementation of this feature! 

on ‎08-31-2017 07:34 AM
I absolutely concur. I will not write a novella regarding why I like it since my sentiments are echoed completely from the other posts. It is a reasonable request that should be reasonably actionable.
on ‎09-05-2017 09:55 AM

The site needs the option to store gift cards from trade ins/gifts.  I currently have a few hundred in GC's that I hate running the risk of losing because I can not store them on the best buy site and just click a button to use them.  I would like to see a wallet feature implemented like the Reward Zone function for


I would also like the ability to add RZ certs/gift cards to existing orders.  It is unacceptable that we have to cancel our orders (some on rare/sold out items) to add RZ or GCs.


Any help is appreciated.

by Valued Expert
on ‎09-06-2017 07:36 AM

The first part of your desire has merit and has been brought up before.  I would love the ability to enter my gift cards into my account and use them at a later date.


The second part of your request is simply a matter of changing your buying methods.  Don't make the purchase until such a time as you are ready to use a gift card.  It would actually be an issue from a business point of view to allow customers to apply gift cards AFTER they have made the purchase. It not only costs money to charge a card it costs money to refund it.


It could and would become a administrative fiasco. Orders would get dropped and it would cause delays in shipping. 

on ‎05-28-2018 02:24 PM

@Allan-BBY @Melissa-BBY @John-BBY @Luke-BBY It's been almost a year since this suggestion was changed to "Under Review." Are you able to provide an update on the status of this IdeaX submission? Was this just forgotten?

on ‎06-01-2018 09:25 PM
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