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Gamers Club Unlocked: $20 Reward Zone - Permanent Benefit

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-10-2013 11:20 PM

We Don't Want A "PROMOTION!" We Want A Benefit!!!

Make the $20 Reward Zone For Game Club Members, a permanent benefit.

The concept is simple and easy as one, two, three. 


1.) $20 Reward Zone On Select New Releases For Gamer Club Members Only.

2.) $10 Reward Zone On Select New Releases For None Game Club Members.

3.) New Titles To Be Added Regularly For All Current Gaming Systems.


See, It doesn't need to be complicated.

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Status: Acknowledged

Hi Gamers! Victory Can Be Pre-ordered was definitely an awesome promotion and I can certainly understand people being upset with the changes to that program. That being said, things do change and we feel they are changing for the better.


While our loyal gamers may no longer enjoy this great benefit, there are still many great benefits from Best Buy to enjoy for being a gamer with us. Gamers Club Unlocked members still can revel in the many benefits that the program has available. Throw in our pre-order exclusives and the Reward Zone Get $10 program, which still grants gamers a great benefit, and things look excellent for our gaming community!


This is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to look for other awesome ways we can reward Gamers Club Unlocked members for providing us with their gaming business. We do listen to feedback from our customers, and while this particular promotion is going away, there is nothing to say that at some future point it might not raise its head again. Thanks for all the input!

on ‎08-20-2013 05:31 PM

I vote for this as well.  My unlock is about to expire as well in fact GTA V will be my last game, and I don't see why I should bother to renew now, the $20 cert was the only benfit I was getting out of it.  Over the course of my year in unlocked  I used the $20 promotion about 7 times.  I only used one magazine coupon(that being the one when I signed up).  I don't buy used and rarely trade anything in.  So tell me why should I pay $15 for benfits that I'll never use?  I'm not.  Come October I'm gone.

on ‎08-26-2013 12:48 PM

So there has clearly been 0 update on this, they haven't put forth anything to replace its like they don't want our subscriptions and money. If this is the case I ill gladly move back to amazon and Microsft store(they atleast give me a 1600 MSP per preorder)

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-26-2013 01:43 PM

@bfett9, I promise you that as soon as I have any new information on this idea I will post back here. The truth is I have no information, and I have passed this along to be reviewed by the appropriate business team. I can say that given we just reduced this offer to $10 it is unlikely we will change it right-back to what it was before.

on ‎08-26-2013 07:50 PM


Not sure if you can/will/have authority to answer this but the only way to ask is directly. Has GC/GCU been a "success" for BB? Has there been a significant drop off in subs from some of the better coupon issues? Is GC/GCU profitable for BB? If there was a way(s) to sustain a much higher profitablity level than currently exist would that be enuf to get some changes made in a faster manner.


Overall, the GC is the best program out but the way it's implemented has been killing the progress.

1-Losing the physical mag bad idea(your losing profit/foot traffic)

2-Losing the trade in counters bad idea(poor customer experience gives the edge to the competion)

3- Horrible trade in values on new games that gap can't be as large as it is now. And you need to re-adjust the values up & down not just down even if you sold the game itself on a huge discount. 

4- As a whole BB does a HORRIBLE job at making customers aware of what the offer. I had a guy ask me why I was bringing in used games into the store he had no idea you take trades.

4A-Better setup/visibilty of the used games sections

4B-Re-sticker price tags when there's drops & drop the used prices when the new ones go on sale(missing this alone kills a ton of sale for you)

5-Better in-store selection of titles for used games

6-If you could get a way to get the original cases/manuals to make more of the games "complete" you would also sell thru more of your stock.


Seems like no one in BB knows it's competition well enuf to craft strategies to defeat them. 


You guys don't even realize that if you just corrected your simple flaws you could easily expand the GCU & receive $25/$50/$100 for GCU memberships with added perks for each tier. No one will pay that now since the program has been regressing for some time now. But it's not too late to be saved


on ‎08-27-2013 12:03 PM

As a consumer, I'm doing what' right for me.  The combination of saving money and convenience was the only reason I joined the GCU.  At that point, all our preorders were made through BB, even if the title was not part of the $20 cert promotion.  My kids, from that point on, only asked for BB giftcards, instead of GCs from BB competitors.


Since this is ending, I did not renew my GCU membership.  Also, $10 kick-back is not enough to move the meter, IMHO.  I will start shopping around again.


Obviously, BB has to do what's right for them and if giving away a $20 spiff was too much $ out of the marketing budget, then, so be it.  I would suggest that the entire customer sales volume be taken into account and not just the margin made on the one sale.


And I would also add that this change was not communicated very well to customers (or employees for that matter).  If you bring back this program, please be very clear about it because it is a valuable benefit to customers.


by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-27-2013 12:37 PM

@enuf, you’re correct that I don't have the capability to make the changes you are looking for. I can assure you that this idea has been forwarded onto the appropriate teams here at our corporate headquarters. I wish I had more I could share on this.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-27-2013 12:37 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
on ‎08-29-2013 11:36 AM


What upsets me most is regardless of the numerous opinions here at the forum expressing how they felt about the $20 reward, they just went ahead and changed it to $10 anyway.  So it's not like they wern't already aware of these feeling for sometime now.  Apparently the Gamers Club Unlocked must be losing sales or why else would they take a benefit that was  originally for its members only and then just simply make it available for all Reward Zone members?  Thus eliminating any real benefit for having a Games Club Unlocked membership in the first place.


I also agree with everything "enuf" is saying here as well.  I think I used 1 or 2 coupons at most and I rarely ever by used games and prefer my magazines to be physical.  The fact the @GAMER is going completely digital yet the subscription cost remains the same price makes absolutely no sense to me.  Shouldn't those saving be passed on to it's members as well?  I was wondering how keeping the subscription cost the same while dropping the $20 reward is even justified?  ANYONE?


Thus in conclusion it appears to me as if they didn't care, don't care and wont care.  So I'm left feeling a little deceived and having very little confidence that this issue will be taken seriously or addressed promptly.  I don't mean to step on anyones blue suede but evidently Elvis has left the building!

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-29-2013 01:00 PM


I'm not sure what more can be said on this idea, and to be honest I truly do hear where you are coming from on this. I would have no idea if this promotion was profitable or not for us, but I would guess it was not given we reduced it.

on ‎08-29-2013 03:43 PM


Yeah, I hear you and thanks for doing what you could/can, perhaps they may still come around.

We all got spoiled with this great deal so it does sting knowing, it's probably gone now.


What does all this mean for me personally.  Well, I still love BB and will continue to shop there.

However when it comes to game purchases I will shop at which ever retailer is offering the best

deal at that time, were as before I was very loyal and committed customer exclusively to BB only.

I really can no longer talk BB up anymore either like I use to.  I converted several GS customers.



3DK - "It's like they were feeding us delicious carrot cake and now were left with stinking mud pie!"

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