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@Gamer coupon fraud rampant with March issue and how to stop it

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-05-2012 12:26 PM

I'm a member of several different gaming/deal communities and on each there were reports by the members of using copies and scans of the March @Gamer coupons. Not to mention some users on SlickDeals reported having the cashiers allow them to use only the SKU's from the coupons without having to present or surrender the physical coupons(which some of them didn't have in the first place).


I'm sure such fraudulent use of the coupons and SKU's from them will only lead to the deals being lessened or eliminated due to such abuse if it were to continue. This is why my suggestion is to print the coupons on the same type of reflective security paper that I believe was used for the Gamer's Club Unlocked unlocking coupon that was mailed to people who signed up in store early on in the program. By using such paper for the coupons it should eliminate the scanning and copying of the coupons that was reported repeatedly on sites such as SlickDeals as any attempt to scan or copy the coupons should produce copies that say VOID across them due to the reflective paper.


However, the cashiers working at each Best Buy store would also have to be instructed to not only take the coupons with each single purchase(as some apparently are not), but also what to look for in regards to an official coupon and how to spot a fake. Moreover, some cashiers have been apparently entering in the SKU's from the coupons without the customers actually having the physical coupons on hand. This was because four of the coupons from this month(Batman: Arkham City, Bulletstorm, Mass Effect 2 and Rage) were all scanned into a site called the KeyRing App, thus further facilitating the fraudulent use of the coupons.


Anyway, this is my proposed solution to stop the loss of magazine and Gamer's Club Unlocked subscription sales by making the coupons unique and easily recognizable as legit versus their scanned/copied counterparts. Hopefully by implementing this idea Best Buy can cut down on the fraudulent use of these coupons and keep these amazing gaming deals coming for months(years) to come.

Status: Acknowledged
Given how old this idea is I am changing it to Acknowledged status.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎04-05-2012 01:37 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Thanks for the thoughts on this. Does anyone else have an reaction to this idea?
on ‎04-05-2012 11:48 PM

I agree that something needs to be done. I have 2 local best buys that I frequent in the south chicagoland area. At one of the stores the abuse was ridiculous. And I would much rather have some type of security measure like Cheapest mention before bestbuy has to take drastic measures and have the coupons linked to a reward zone / gamer membership that limits it to one or two coupons per account.


I bought three magazines to grab an extra game for a cousin and friend and gifts. And I feel that as long as someone pays the extra money for the magazines there should be no problems


I think that security coupons and training is a good way way to get rid of a lot of abusers. Another way I can see that could use some tweaking is having unique 1 time use coupon codes. The problem I can see with this with the printing process itself, im not sure how much more it would cost to add different codes to each of these coupons etc.

on ‎04-09-2012 03:58 PM

agree with not having RZ accounts linked to the coupons for limits I'll gladly pay $5 for extra coupons since if I'm already interested I've factored that into the cost. Less is more at this point & making it more restrictive will end scammers but annoy good customers in the process.

on ‎06-12-2012 09:55 AM

Apparently there is STILL coupon fraud/abuse going on. People on SlickDeals posted a PDF of this months' coupons(June issue with Black Ops II on the cover) for other users on there to print up and use without having to buy the actual magazine.


I brought up this issue to Mariel on the forums while discussing the trade limits for the game trade in program at Best Buy stores via messages on here. She told me to put this idea up here on IdeaX. But I figured I'd better check my posting history first to make sure I'm not simply duplicating threads and just bump up this one to hopefully get more attention brought to this matter.


I don't know what it would cost for Best Buy to have the publishers of the @Gamer magazine print up the coupons on the aforementioned security paper, but just going by the number of posts I've seen in months past regarding people using copied coupons I'd say that the extra cost would pay off in the long run.

on ‎06-12-2012 04:20 PM

I love the idea.  Anything to cut out the fraud and save the deals for legitimate purchases.  The coupon deals have been pretty awesome and I'd hate to see that killed off by Slickdeal's abusers.  What is it with these people? $15 subscription too expensive? I really don't want this priveledge to  be lost due to some nuts insatiable desire to own 5 copies of Dragon Age 2 

on ‎06-12-2012 06:44 PM

Genius idea!!!! I don't want to lose my benefits because of scammers

on ‎06-13-2012 05:32 PM

We have 11 votes for this idea now. How many do we need to get to get this idea seriously considered by Best Buy?

on ‎06-14-2012 09:25 PM

I agree.


with the idea above.  Sometimes a man has to enforce honesty, because all too often, people forget the pillars that America is based on as recorded by Tocqueville.  And that is a shame.



So yea.  Security paper seems easy enough and nonintrusive, as it wouldn't effect the actual recipient at all.  I like it.

on ‎06-17-2012 09:35 AM
I certainly don't want to see the program end or changed from how it works now (nor the magazine as I actually do enjoy reading it) so I'm game with anything that keeps it the same... AKA make the coupons more difficult to use and end the fraud that is happening.
on ‎06-17-2012 01:33 PM


"make the coupons more difficult to use" NOOOOOOOOOOOO. More like make it more difficult for the coupons to be exploited or duplicated. There's a fine line between "protecting" the program & members & making easy purchases difficult. One thing that would really help is for the cashiers to do their jobs too & weed out the scammers. Post info right as you walk into the door that states "only verified coupons will be accepted no copies/scans no authorized by BB will be honored. This will keep some people from even trying & give BB the out to refuse just point to the sign.

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