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Emails to Customers

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by on ‎04-15-2012 11:16 AM

So as a Best Buy Employee from the moment I have joined, I never stop finding myself creating things that not just have benefited my district but my store. 


With the great success of all my ideas, I've had a primary focus of the customer end of our business. Its what drives me. However this idea, isn't something I can start at my store level like everything else. It pretty much has to come from above. 


My Idea is the emails to customer about weekly deals. The concept is that we tailor our emails to the customer and provide services based off that purchase.


Similar to Apple's and Amazon's Model, we have what they don't. Solutions. For Ex. 


I purchase Macbook Pro at Apple Store. I am sent an email specifically tailored to my purchase with info and start guides about it. 


If we followed that model we could better achieve customer satisfaction not just online but instore with these emails providing information and what other customers have bought with it and quick guides we have on our site. This can go hand in hand with tablet video trainings we have when some one buys a tablet. (Makes sense doesn't?)


Following off that Amazon's great model is its special deals. However Best Buy won't be able to match some of those offers and lets face it. However If we tailored customer purchases with deals they could get for their product in an email. That, would be a great benefit for the customer.


I don't shop for TV's. So when I get a "Great Deal on TV's". Frankly, it doesn't tailor to my benefits. However sending me emails about deals on External Hard Drives and Flash Drives. Well then as a customer I would know more deals for something I would want.


Problem with our current model is that its generic. That sucks. If I treat customers I interact with a unique tailoring to what they need then why not their emails? 


Bottom line, my proposal is we change our email delivery system not by generic email's but by purchases and services based off the products. Even more importantly services. 


Tech Support for a purchase of 2 PC's and a tablet and it isn't on the reciept? Either it wasn't what a customer wants or they didn't understand its great benefits, regardless giving them the option to see their choices is us as Best Buy saying " We care, so heres how we can show you"




Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
on ‎04-15-2012 06:06 PM

A lot of ideas lately have had me stabbing myself in the head, but I like this one.  Especially the part about savings/deals tailored towards what I/you primarily purchase.  Let me know how I can improve or protect that shiny new smart phone with Geek Squad Protection, ZAGG shields, cases, and even data transfers (if applicable). 


I primarily purchase games, music, and anime (media), so I would love it if I got extra incentives to buy more. 


I would still like to see the all-around generic emais each week, though.  Sometimes I'm an impulse shopper and seeing a great new deal (even if I don't NEED it), I might just stop to pick it up/order it.

on ‎04-15-2012 08:29 PM
Yeah. That should still stay. But at the bottom I believe. So your stuff comes in first and you get other t Stuff. I completely agree. Only problem I see is execution. WHO will execute this? HOW will the metrics be measured (tracking SKU?) WHEN will tracking happen. Ideas are great. But I'm I don't sit around hoping best buy to do this. I'm hoping they take this idea and decide if it's a go or a no.
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎04-16-2012 12:05 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
I definitely like that you believe we should be tailoring our service to each individual customer's needs, and I could see the potential benefits of this idea. I also think this should be something a customer would have to specifically opt into. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎04-14-2014 10:03 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input.
on ‎01-14-2020 04:08 PM

I'm surprised this thread died out with little to no further input. I've been asking this question to myself for years, so figured I'd investigate. I hear what the OP is saying, but I'd like to expand on it. Specifically, I receive numerous emails from BestBuy per day. I know I have a few options for opting in or out, but they aren't catered to me.  In other words, I don't mind receiving emails from BestBuy - perhaps it'll prompt me to get an item I didn't know I wanted yet; however, at least once a month or more, I receive "incredible deals on major appliances!"  There's a very large issue with this... I rent an apartment. I have absolutely no interest in major appliances. Additionally, sometimes I get incredible deals on laptops... But I just bought one though... From BestBuy, no less... Why waste my time reading through these offers if they're that far into left field.  Perhaps more info can be provided in our profiles to address it, but I'd love to receive emails from BestBuy catered to me and my interests.  With 218 purchases showing in my purchase history, I'd assume enough info can be gathered for that, at a minimum.  Don't be Amazon... Be different. God forbid I buy a book for someone on Amazon and all the sudden I'm getting daily emails regarding the latest Best Selling!  I simply don't care and would gladly check a box during purchase stating I don't want solicitation regarding books in the days, weeks, and even months to come. BestBuy is similar in this way... I'll get an email asking if I want to "take another look" at something; meanwhile, I just ordered it or bought in store a few days before... Just irritating. Time is money and it's a waste of my time...

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