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Editing reviews

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-30-2020 12:05 PM

This obviously is not a new idea, BUT ... I really would like to see BB allow reviews to be edited.


I recently reviewed a Google Pixel 4a, and I since have learned that my one very minor complaint about the phone is something that easily is resolved by going to Settings. I sure wish I could add that to my review.

Status: Acknowledged

I hear you on this, but at this time we will not be allowing edits of reviews.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎10-01-2020 11:06 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

I hear you on this, but at this time we will not be allowing edits of reviews.

by Valued Expert
on ‎10-06-2020 06:15 AM

Reviews should be based on your opinion at the time you are prompted to create the review and then write it.  Allowing people to come back and change their opinion is fraught with issues.


If it is a matter of making mistakes that may be embarrassing to the writer then you should write the review in a word processor and mull it over before pasting it into the review.


I am not an employee of Best Buy. All opinions and comments are my own


on ‎10-06-2020 01:32 PM

Well, bobberuchi, some thoughts about your (somewhat supercilious) comments:


1) I thought that these reviews were meant to help potential buyers. Allowing me to edit my review of the Pixel 4a might be a great help to other potential buyers--and to BB, since they'd be reading the review on the BB website and are just a scroll and click or two away from buying.


Amazon allows editing of reviews and doesn't seem to be fraught with issues due to editing. That ability to edit has been a great help to me as a potential buyer. It also has enabled me to give updates on products after I've had more experience with them. (I probably should have bought this phone from Amazon rather than BB, I guess. Same price. I bought from BB mainly because I give enough business to Amazon and thought BB could use some business. Really!)


2) This writer often does use a word processor for posting (and pasting) into sites where it's all too easy to inadvertently send off the post (FB Messenger is an example). That's not the case here, however, as an inadvertent post is not likely. Thanks for the advice anyway.

on ‎11-22-2020 04:51 PM

How is this still not a thing?  Pretty much any other online store allows you to edit your reviews.

on ‎01-31-2021 04:55 PM

I registered an account today just to tell you that the reasons or lack thereof I've seen so far regarding not allowing editing of reviews don't seem like very good ones. If I wanted to do something fraudulent or shady, I could do that on my first review.


I suspect the reason for your product team not agreeing to implement review editing is that the overall change in score for a product likely won't be impacted. Those who wrote an initial review that was better than what they wanted to update it to, or vise versa, would probably even out the score, at the end of the day. So, it's hard to justify the ROI in creating such a feature if it doesn't have much of an impact on the product's overall score. I work in software develpment, I'm quite familiar with the decisions that go into agreeing to or denying new features..


Anyway, just came here to voice my support that you should allow editing of reviews. I gave my new xbox controller 1/5 rating because it kept disconnecting on Windows 10 when connecting via bluetooth. After purchasing the wireless dongle that you can buy for this controller, the connection has been perfect. Now, I'm not saying that's worthy of 5 stars since the bluetooth connection method is still spotty, but I would like to change that to 4/5 stars because there is a workaround I've since discovered (workaround being to purchase the wireless dongle).


So, I apologize to Microsoft's team for giving them a 1 star, which I cannot edit.

on ‎01-31-2021 04:59 PM

I also wanted to add that I would have also liked to update my review to let other people know that they should buy the wireless dongle if they are having connection issues with Windows 10. No way to let people know that, since I cannot edit the review. And of course, it doesn't seem like I can edit my forum post to add this comment, either, so I added a new one. At least your team is consistent about your decision to not let people edit things, lol.

on ‎03-02-2021 09:29 AM

I would like to +1 for allowing reviews to be updated. For someone like myself that had the following use case this would be helpful:


  • Purchased a very expensive mesh network earlier in January 2021 that worked great out of the box
  • Device recieved a firmware update in late February that rendered the node very unstable
  • I posted a review following various troubleshooting that did not work. The company's support site does not make it easy to find a resolution online, and their call support had a que that was very long to get someone on phone. My review gave a very negative review based off of my experience to date.
  • Recently I was able to get a representative on the phone that resolved my issue by helping me change settings on the router. This was not something documented anywhere, and there was no way for me to do this alone.
  • I would like to update the review to positive based off of the customer support experience, and the return to stellar performance with my router.

I agree that fraud reviews are not a reason to prohibt this feature. If nothing else it adds to the ability to inform the buyer about the product lifecycle experience.

on ‎02-25-2022 05:24 PM

please add a feature to your product review page and allow your customers to edit or delet their reviews. 

i posted a bad review right before I figured out how to use my newly purchased TV mount. Now as I know how to use it, I'd like to edit my review but the website doesn't allow me to do that. This is so inconvenient, considering most of your major competitors allow their customer to modify their reviews. 

by Valued Expert
on ‎02-25-2022 07:01 PM

You can add a comment to your review

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