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Don't Take Away Reward Zone Points For Special Financing

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-27-2013 09:35 AM

Why has Best Buy taken away points earned for special financing?  I made a purchase for $249.99 and never recevied points due to selecting 6-month financing.  Why is Best Buy taking away points from its customers and not making the store employees aware of such a policy?  This policy is not posted anywhere on the store fronts or by the registers.  How is this ethical?  Til this policy is made known in the store and online, points should be given to customers accordingly.  This now makes me want to cancel everything I have with Best Buy move to buying straight from the manufacturers.  Please fix this Best Buy, or show your customers the policy!

Status: Acknowledged

@vaan285, at this time we will not be providing My Best Buy points for Special Financing purchases.

on ‎01-05-2015 02:12 PM

I am obviously a little late to the party here... but I just found this out the hard way myself after purchasing over $3,500 in items from Best Buy in the last 90 days... like the others in the thread, I was NOT made aware of this change.  In fact, the sales rep I worked with for one of the purchases that was OVER 2k made sure to input my reward zone infromaton to ensure I got the points... obviously he was not aware of the change and it appears it was made well over a year ago.  At the very least, tell your Best Buy sales reps to make sure people are aware of this as part of the policy when pushing the special financing offers...  As  result, I will be canceling my best buy credit card and shopping elsewhere for most of my purchases.  When it comes to appliances, etc, I can find the same deals at Lowe's or other stores, with 18 months 0% financing and no reward points. The only reason I stayed with Best Buy before was the rewards program.  So long.

on ‎05-07-2015 01:25 AM

We purchased almost $900 in Christmas gifts on black Friday and the cashier told my husband that the Reward Zone card scanners were not working and to call customer service to add our points.  When he did he was told that there would be no points because we financed for 12 months.


I am now in need of a new DSLR camera and noticed you are running a special for 3 x the points if you buy a DSLR, so I emailed Best Buy to see if I still get that promo if I finance 12 months on my Best Buy card.  I was told no.


So guess what?  I'm buying my DSLR elsewhere.


That is not right taking away customers' points and then not telling them you changed the rules.


on ‎06-09-2015 06:40 PM

I just realized this myselft when looking at my points earlier today.  I was expecting to receive a lot of points from a large purchase that I made but to my disappointment there were no points issued.  I choose 6 months financing and did not realize I wouldn't receive points, the cashier did not tell me this either. 


Another unfortunate part is that I already paid off the credit card balance, only a few days after the purchase.  I almost want to return the item and rebuy it with cash so that I can receive my points.



on ‎09-07-2015 09:07 AM - last edited on ‎09-09-2015 06:09 AM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist



I have bought a few things from Future Shop before they changed everything to Best Buy.  I happened to walk in the other evening and there was a VIP sale.  I was just going in to look at some Xbox One games and ended up deciding to buy Samsung's top of the line  65" SUHD (JS9000).  This beauty costs $3999.99 and was a great deal.  I also got the 4 year warranty and the calibration.  All-in I paid about $5500 and, of course, decided to finance it.  Then I decided that since I was making such a large purchase I may want to take advantage of the Reward Zone points and so I signed up for that as well.  I paid for 3 games separately from the large purchase.  I was not told by the people helping me that the financed portion would not be eligible for the RZ points.  I have just found this out after signing up online and being told that I was only eligible to receive a measly 135 points for just the games after inputting the codes for both the games and my tv purchase.  I Googled to find out why I was only getting 135 points and found this depressing thread.  You can imagine that I am now quite upset.  I have a friend that has been telling me for awhile about all the $5 gift certificates he has earned from purchases he has made over the last few years at Best Buy.  I honestly was excited to think I may get a lot of points for my big purchase.  I was thinking of buying an extra set of 3D glasses since the new tv only comes with 1 set.  Now I wont' even be able to do that.  My hard earned money - my $5500 - is still going to Best Buy, but over 2 years.  My friend has spent about $3000 or more over the past 2 years at Best Buy.  There really is no difference except that he's gotten RZ points for his smaller individual purchases.  This is complete BS and I am absolutely disillusioned with my Best Buy Reward Zone FAIL .  I had a great customer service experience when I bought the TV.  There were some technical and computer issues that delayed my purchase for 2 hours.  I waited patiently and because of the delay they even threw in several freebies.  Now, I have to deal with stupid corporate decision makers who make decisions that cost them business and don't even seem to care.  This is most likely going to be one of my first purchases and one of my last purchases at Best Buy just because they couldn't be bothered with giving me RZ points that I believe I am entitled to like every other cutomer who gives them money for their products.  Goodbye Best Buy.


Extremely Disappointed and Dissillusioned,


Jeremy {removed per forum guidelines}

on ‎02-09-2016 05:57 PM

I was looking at my rewards points and seeing why I'm not getting points for my purcahse in November 2015. I purchased LG washer and dryer, the 2 stands, and geek squad protection = $2600. I see it on my history transaction but it shows as zero points. I google search it and maybe I though Best Buy did not honor thier points on major appliances and found this post. Such disappointment to Best Buy..........

on ‎03-11-2016 12:48 PM

I know this is "old hat", but I have seen enough complaints about Best Buy no longer giving rewards for purchases where promotional financing has been used on the Best Buy credit card that I figured this is worth revisiting. I'm pretty sure that most customers only use the Best Buy card for the special financing as the regular interest rate is too high otherwise. With so many other cards out there with much lower interest rates, why would anybody want to use the Best Buy credit card with standard financing. Sure, you may not get promotional financing, but at that end, who cares. With the Best Buy cards much higher interest rate, your basically paying for the rewards points when using standard financing. When Best Buy took away rewards for purchases using promotional financing, they took away my incentive to buy those big ticket items at Best Buy using their card. I can get promotional financing at Sears or other places.


For those of you who agree, please be sure to give kudos on this as I have been informed that Best Buy does see that when considering ideas and or complaints.

on ‎04-04-2016 02:00 PM
I think people completely understand not getting bonus points on finance purchases but I specifically got a Beat Buy card for larger purchases because of the financing and basic points awarded (as I am sure others did as well). Others have made a good point that without the Best Buy points, this card becomes next to worthless as i can do 6-12 month financing with almost any major retailer or through PayPal. I just found this out when making an over $1,000 purchase that I needed in a pinch. You got me this time, but that's the last. I hope the short term gain was is worth the long-term loss of profit.
on ‎07-06-2016 07:41 AM
I would really hope more people would be in favor of reverting back to financing and points options. Again, I understand that Best Buy is a for profit organization, and by offering 0% financing your credit card partners may not make receive interest for purchases (although I'm sure many people don't pay off the financing in time), but I would think you would still want to reward people for shopping with your stores, and by offering nominal reward points, many people feel they "need" to buy something within the allotted 60 days, which results in more people spending money in your stores. Again, I'm hoping this post gains some traction and Best Buy Corporate decides to revert back to allowing both financing and Reward points.
on ‎12-19-2017 08:02 PM
Well, I haven't noticed that I wasn't getting points for the no interest purchases because they were only $300 or so at a time. I just recently spent over $2000 on a drone and Xbox One X. I was about to pay my card off to get a $2500 tv, so I logged in to see how much in rewards that I had... only to find out that I had none. I call to report them missing and learned of this policy. Needless to say that I have no reason to use my bestbuy card anymore or drive an hour to buy it at bestbuy, for that matter. I can use a credit card to get no interest and order my 75 inch Samsung tv from my local Walmart.

I researched only to find tons of people complaining about it. Looks like bestbuy doesn't care though, so I'm done with bestbuy.
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