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Complaint for the fraud and urge to cancel GSP plan!

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by LeonLiu on ‎03-10-2019 03:59 PM
I bought a laptop last month at Bestbuy and the salesman said to me the $19.99(Plus tax) was for the total year GSP fee. However, I received the notification for my credit card two days ago that I was charged again for $22.59, realizing that this fee is on a monthly basis. I exactly want to cancel all this GSP service fee but the salesman in phone or in the store said I have to pay another $249 as the cancellation fee. This is not my fault to make the contract on this useless GSP cause the salesman concealed it to me when I bought the laptop. Now I urge you to cancel this fee to my credit card and I don't wanna have any service with the GSP. I'd like to settle this issue ASAP! Or I'd think you are doing fraud and a high-handed clause!
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