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Change Geek Squad Protection Plan for Cell Phones

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by on ‎01-14-2014 12:32 AM

I understand that times and conditions change, but the recent changes to the Geek Squad Protection Plan for Mobile Phones is absurd. If the goal is to keep people from getting the plan you are on the right track.


I would like to see the plan returned to the way it was: $9.99 per month and no deductable. If this is not feasible, I would recommend at the most a $50 deductable. 


The reasons for this is because I can pay the same monthly fee for insurance and pay a lower deductable through my phone carrier. Their plan also covers loss and theft which Geek Squad does not. I do not like dealing with my phone carrier. I have had nice experiences with Best Buy, but for such a higher cost, I will no longer get the Geek Squad Protection on my cell phones. I have purchased all of my families phones at Best Buy for the last 6 years specifically to get your protection plan.


Please Change the Mobile Phone Geek Squad Protection Plan so It is at least reasonably affordable. 

Status: Tell Us More
Given we just changed the terms of our plans it is unlikely will make any changes to them in the near future. We would love to hear from others as to what they would like to see in the future. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎01-14-2014 10:19 AM

The problem was that everyone abused the program the old way.  Everyone thinks their phone is broken because it froze once, or rebooted.  These things are computers and every once and a while they freak out.  Unless the problem is systemic and hardware related, most times rebooted the phone solves the issue.  People have an unrealistic expectation with technology and hold a retailer accountable for manufacturer issues, or becuase they bought the phone equivilant of a low end computer and want it to do amazing things.


On average, it costs $300+ for a replacement phone.  If you pay 10 a month for 24 months, that is 240 bucks.  If you do one replacement, any profit from the plan is wiped.  Hate to break it to you, but companies are in business to make a profit.  The deductible does a couple things: 1: It makes you think about how broken your phone is and do you need a replacement and 2: it recoups the cost associated with replacement.  Also, don't know if you actually read the Terms and Conditions, but MFG warranty swaps in under the plan have $0 deductible.  If the phone has a manufacturer-related issue, you pay nothing.  It is ONLY if there is physical damage, which in most cases is the fault of the customer.  Why should a company pay because YOU broke your phone?  Then there are the few customers who would intentionally drop their phone in hopes of yelling at a manager to get them a new phone because if they get a refurbished phone they will never shop at BBY again.  Then the store gives away $700 instead of following the terms and conditions.  


The plan is affordable.  When you go to your provider, they will charge you a duductible as high as $200 for phone replacements under insurance.  You still get a refurb, not a new one.  They also limit you to 2 replacements, not 3.  Since their plans are not backed by the carrier, the limits and terms cannot be overridden at the store.  At least at BBY, you can try to get a manager to see things your way and make an exception based on your circumstances.  Your other point, loss/theft, is completely valid.  They should cover loss or theft. IF BBY did cover that, the plan would be identical to the providers.  

on ‎01-14-2014 07:38 PM
Yes its true everyone is out to make money but you cant make money when people dont select your offering because it lacks compared to carriers. The lost and theft would make the GSP a deal but without it the GSP is pretty much worthless now especially when compared to T-Mo and ATT. And also you are not restricted to just 2 claims with carriers. You are restricted to 2 claims in a 12 month period. There is no max limit on number of claims so long as you are subscribed to the insurance you are covered. With 0 claims over 2 years: ATT: 167.76 (+72.00) T-Mobile w/o Jump: 192 (+47.76) Verizon: 239.76 Geek Squad: 239.76 T-Mobile w/Jump: 240.00 (-0.24) Sprint: 264.00 (-24.24) With 1 claim over 2 years: ATT: 366.76 (+23.00) T-Mobile w/o Jump: 367.00 (+22.76) Geek Squad: 389.76 T-Mobile w/Jump: 415.00 (-25.24) Verizon: 438.76 (-49.00) Sprint: 464.00 (-74.24) With 2 claims over 2 years: Geek Squad: 539.76 T-Mobile w/o Jump: 542.0 (-2.24) ATT: 565.76 (-26.00) T-Mobile w/Jump: 590.00 (-50.24) Verizon: 637.76 (-98.00) Sprint: 646 (-106.24) With 3 claim over 2 years: Geek Squad: 689.79 T-Mobile w/o Jump: 717 (-27.24) ATT: 764.76 (-75.00) T-Mobile w/Jump: 765 (-75.21) Verizon: 836.76 (-146.97) Sprint: 864 (-174.21) If Best Buy wants to make the GSP more attractive I see 3 options. 1. Keep all cost the same and add a rider that will replace lost or stolen phones (with appropriate police reports) just like the carriers. or 2. Keep the 9.99/month but lower the deductible to 100 dollars. This still helps stop abuse but also lowers the overall costs to the consumer when compared to carriers. But as it stands now if you have ATT or T-Mo and for the most part Verizon it is better to get the carrier offerings as you will at least have protection against the loss and theft. Sprint makes it a little more iffy on which way to go.
on ‎01-14-2014 07:39 PM
Wow it mangled the formatting. If you want to see the chart of costs I had posted it in a easy to read format here:
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎01-15-2014 01:01 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Given we just changed the terms of our plans it is unlikely will make any changes to them in the near future. We would love to hear from others as to what they would like to see in the future. Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎01-15-2014 08:30 PM

I am very disheartened in the direction that Best Buy is going.  All of the reasons that I have chosen to do business with Best Buy over the last decade are now invalid.  


First Best buy rewards are no longer available when in tandum with the financing options.  Now Best Buy changes it's cell phone protection plan!  The reason that I have chosen to buy my cell phones through Best Buy was because of the protection plan and it's no deductible policy.  In the same sense, I have only had to use the the plan once, and that was actually covered under the phone warranty... not the protection plan, so it didn't cost Best Buy anything to replace it.


Now that I actually have physical damage to my phone, (that was only bought in November) I am expected to pay $150.  I could get the part cheaper elsewhere...and then what is the point in having the protection plan with Best Buy.  On top of it all, when the BB Mobile salesman asked me if I wanted the plan, I said "As long as it's still the same protection plan with the same coverage, then yes I want it."  He never mentioned, that there was now a deductible.  If I had known, I would have foregone the BB protection plan in favor of my carrier's, which has the same deductible, costs less per month, and covers water damage and loss.


Not only that, but the protection plan sign in the store still advertised that there was no deductible. This is rediculous, and I will be canceling my protection plan if Best Buy will not honor what I was told. Unless the person has a prior history of numerous replacement phones for no reason, then you should honor your long term customers with the protection plan that we knew and loved.  If Best Buy doesn't start treating their long term customers with more care, I have a feeling that Best Buy will be joining the same graveyard memories as Circuit City. 



on ‎01-16-2014 07:46 AM

^ R.I.P. Circuit City...used to get all of my business.


On topic: I can see why both sides have their  reasons for wanting change. I do feel though that there should be some kind of an honor program put into place as HQGregory stated. This would make it fair to the long term customers who rarely ever use the warranty. 


This is paraphrasing it of course but there used to be a slogan best buy used something like "we know mistakes happen" or accidents or something. Either way, what it boils down to you don't charge somebody a killing for a warranty then charge another killing for a deductible. 

on ‎01-25-2014 10:04 AM
Thank you AWBrown. Why can't BB GSP do like other carriers, or even other GSP plan ( like computers) do when things break... fix the broken part, not replace the whole phone. I have a broken rear camera; I don't need a whole new phone because of the camera. I will not pay $150 to BB, I have since found a replacement camera online for $19. Why can't GS do that? Sprint does. Again, thanks for nothing BB.
on ‎03-28-2014 05:41 PM
I too had began purchasing all my mobile phones from best buy due to the "old" plan. I never had to use it for damage and had no idea it changed to now require a deductible. Now, my wife had a mishap with her new phone and I promised her Best Buy would help. Now that I discovered the change in policy I'm not only upset with Best Buy, but my wife is now upset for my insisting her phone be purchased from Best Buy. I'm so sick right now! I've been a customer of this plan for years, never had to use it, and now faced with a huge deductible! Guess I'll be taking my business elsewhere! I can understand the reasoning behind it, but don't punish your loyal customers cause a select few abused the plan! Is there any hope for customers like myself Best Buy?!
on ‎05-07-2014 01:47 PM

I Recently brought my phone in for repair because the microphone had stopped working (no one can hear me when i answer the phone).  After sitting with the geek squad tech who assured me about 6 times they could hear noise on the phone (yes the speaker works duh) i finally got them to understand the issue. At this point they dropped the $150 deductable info on me as wella s that the phone i would get in repalcement would be refurbished.



So, after agreeing to this since i already paid for the "protection" plan and no other choice, i called arround to find out what the cost of the repair would be (repalce microphone).. Its about $50..  



heres the main issues:



* When i purchased the Plan i was not informed of the 150 + Tax "deductable"


* When i purchased the plan they told me they would repalce the hardware with the same or newer model.  As it turns out they will be replacing my phone with a refurbished model, not only do i have to restore all the software to the phone, its going to be somone elses used hardware!



* Actual cost of the repair is about $50, but best buy does not offer this as a solution



I have to say this is a less than stellar user experience and i feel compleetly ripped off.


Conclusion, i will be canceling this "extortion plan"  and taking my business elsewhere.


on ‎10-31-2014 01:23 PM

I am very disappointed in Best Buys protection plan for our phones. We have always purchased our phones directly from Best Buy primarily for the protection plan, $9.99/month and no deductible. When we purchased our most recent phone and signed it up for the protection plan, I specifically asked the lady helping us if the "no deductible" still remains, and she said Absolutely. Not yes, not no, but ABSOLUTELY. Now that we need a replacement since the phone dropped and cracked, Best Buy informs me that there is a $150 deductible. Really? Shame on you Best Buy. Shame Shame Shame. YOU have a responsibilty to train your employees to tell the consumer the correct information, especially WHEN asked, or advertise the change in your policies. Best Buy also has done away with the rewards program. What incentive is there to continue shopping with you. Nothing. I WILL be locating my signed agreement and fighting this one and if there is no indication, notification, or the like on this form, I will be taking this to the next level.


I have lost all confidence in what you stand behind. I am only one person in this world, but I will most definitely be communicating this to all my friends and family.


Good riddance.

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