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Bring back savings coupons and events for Rewards members.

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by on ‎06-13-2016 10:51 PM

I remember a time when being a Best Buy rewards member was...well rewarding.  Nowadays, outside of extended returns (which lets be honest, your most loyal customers probably aren't your frequent returners) and expedited shipping (which a lot of your rewards customers are probably frequenting stores more than online), there's not a lot of benefit to being a rewards member anymore.


A few ideas:  (1) Bring back 10% off coupons - I can't remember the last time I got a 10% off coupon, but I used to get those in the mail or email and even though I don't need anything, I would venture out to Best Buy to see if I could talk myself into anything, which brings me to: (2) Have an Elite/Elite+ Rewards member night.  I've suggested in the past that you could double this up and help stores move EOL, clearance and open box by giving members a 10 additional off coupon for whatever the price of the item currently is.  And don't make it one of those things where there's two pages of exclusions either. When Elite/Elite+ rewards members spent thousands of dollars in your store to become rewards members you weren't trying to limit that all that much. And most rewards members (at least that I know) have been Elite/Elite+ rewards members for years. 


The reason for this is simple - in a lot of cases, I purchase from Best Buy because I hate waiting.  I could go online, but its still a few days wait and life is short. However, there's still the issue of tax. So if someone has a better price and does not charge tax, then it becomes a question of can I wait and the answer depends on how much total I'm saving - if it's $50-$100+ when its all said and done, my loyalty tends to waiver a little is all I'm saying. 

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by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎06-14-2016 03:45 PM
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on ‎06-21-2016 10:49 AM

Agreed, other than the one 2x reward I saw earlier this year, its been pretty skimpy in terms of rewards. I hold out to buy things until I get one, this year I haven't gotten really any so I've been stopping myself from making any large purchases despite wanting a new fridge and stove.

on ‎07-28-2016 12:45 PM

They announced today they are cutting the benefits in half starting end of August for non best buy credit card purchases.  $2/point vs the current $1/ wouldn't look for any coupons.

on ‎05-23-2017 04:06 PM

Understanding that this is an old thread, I would greatly like to comment on the subject.


As part of my Elite rewards, it specifically states that special offers and exclusive events are part of the benefits package for spending thousands of dolars in the store each year.  


I too remember a day when this actually meant something, and those who but their loyalty in Best Buy, were recognized for it.


I don't think I've seen a special event invite in over 2 years.  Very sad.  

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