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Bring back "On display at" on product pages.

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by on ‎08-24-2020 10:28 AM

Product pages used to list which stores had which products out for demo; this has seemingly disappeared and I'm now in the market for some new noise-cancelling headphones that were recently released and there isn't an easy way to see which store has actually already put this newer model out for display as well as the other brand I'm trying to compare these with. 


I'll be honest, initially I didn't see the value in this, but when it comes to new releases and product refreshes it can be a very valuable asset to have, especially if you're wanting to comparison shop and you want to make sure the store has all the items you're trying to compare. 

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I hear you on this. Would anyone else like to see us bring back the On-Display tag on for product pages? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-26-2020 09:03 AM
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I hear you on this. Would anyone else like to see us bring back the On-Display tag on for product pages? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Valued Expert
on ‎08-27-2020 07:45 AM

I also would like to see a notice indicating what is on display. 


I recently purchased a monitor and had to do it on faith  because nobody had one on display.


However, I do think potential issues would be that product displays change.  And if someone does not update the web site for a particular store then the customer will be more upset and tend to throw a fit if the web site is on display but they get there an it is not because it was taken down that day.


And there are so many thousands of products on display in a store. 


Of course it would not have to be everything.  Do not need to list consumables, or media, and other things that you cannot play with.


It could be a lot of maintenance 

on ‎09-24-2020 03:38 PM

I, too would like to see this feature returned to the website.  I have been anxiously waiting for the new 2020 line of the TCL "6" series TV to be displayed in at least one of our local stores.  I would not "miss" this feature as much if the local stores were reachable by phone, but I have been calling for weeks and the phone just rings and rings and rings.  I'm handicapped, and can't just drive to the stores to see if something is on display .. so that's not an option.


It's not like the item I am looking for is an inexpensive item I can get anywhere and it does not really matter if it is on display or not.  This is a major investment for me, and I can't "roll the dice" and just order one to be delivered without test driving it and actually seeing it in a store before making a purchase.  I want to see it side by side with competitor's TVs in the same price range and make a informed purchase.


In my personal case, I have been able to reach out via email to someone in one of the local stores and they are checking for me to see when the TV I am looking for will be on display.

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