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Best Buy could learn from Cosco...

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by on ‎05-30-2013 02:46 PM

Regarding Sony Ipod/Ipad Docking Speaker 200i 


I shop at COSCO and bought over 7 large screen TV's over the past few years.  Their return policy is legendary, and as a result I've bought without worry, and it seems everyone else has as well, as the store is always busy with people loading up.  Stock is thru the roof.  They also put a lot of thought into every product that they stock the store with.  A good example is the Sony 300i speaker docking station for the ipad/ipod which I was able to buy at Best Buy for $214.  My family members heard it, loved it and I went back to buy 3 or four more, and found it was sold out as a discontinued model.


Best Buy had moved on to the newer version which had a different jack no longer compatible with the older ipad/ipod, and millions of consumers still own those ipads, ipods.  As I personally owned 2 ipads and 3 ipods with the older style jack, I found it incredulous that Best Buy would do something so stupid to discontinue a model that was easily selling out at each store, and replacing it with one that wouldn't be in demand until, lots and lots of the new ipads and ipod would have been sold, ie in about 3 years.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought, and I own 4800 shares of Best Buy, as well as shares of Cosco.  Fortunately for me, I went to Cosco and found the Sony 200i speaker docking station for $150, and ended up buying four of em, and felt comfortable knowing I could return them anytime if I had got too many, not that I would need to as each family member loves it.  Funny that Cosco would stock the cheaper version, Sony 200i, which was essentially the same as the 300i without the tuner, which sounds just as good, and cheaper..  Clearly, COSTO put some thought into what it put on the shelf, and continues to put in their limited twice the size of Best Buy BOX.


It's not the big box concept, Cosco is HUGE!!!.   It's the thought put in by competent management, excellent customer service, and part ownership by everyone in the company that make Cosco a success.  Best Buy would do well to go shopping at Cosco, and learn something.  It's like American Airlines taking some pointers from Southwest.

Status: Acknowledged
I can promise you we are constantly working to serve our customers in the best possible way, and we take cues from our competitors when appropriate. Thanks for sharing this.
on ‎05-31-2013 11:36 AM

Your phrase "Costco is huge" is the real issue. Their space far exceeds what a BB can stock which gives them a huge advantage. But in terms of total stores they`re not huge BB`s in my 3 state area(Philly PA, Trenton NJ, Wilmington DE) outnumber them 9-3. 


Also, the membership fee is huge as well & b/c they can buy in bulk they can afford to stock items that sell at a slower pace. With larger wharehouse style stores & membership fees you would see a huge stock difference at BB.


All that being said I agree BB shoud be able to offer a wide enough selection to make customers happy. Is there a chance that the item was discontinued by the company?


I also fully agree about the return/price match policy prior to the recent BB change BB`s policy was great. I even have a current ideax thread trying to get the policy amended



by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-31-2013 11:57 AM
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I can promise you we are constantly working to serve our customers in the best possible way, and we take cues from our competitors when appropriate. Thanks for sharing this.
on ‎06-14-2013 04:50 PM
Well I have to admit, I'm truly impressed. I revisited the Toledo Bestbuy Store on Monroe Street, which is about 2 blocks from the Cosco, and it wasn't the same store. I visited this store several months ago, on Black Friday and it was the most disorganized place I'd ever been in. The carpets were dirty, lots of things weren't priced, and when you asked for help, it took all of 10 minutes just to get a price on an item, much less get information on an item. We finally picked out a large screen tv, and stood in this cattle line which looped around the appliances and refrigerators, and finally we just cut out and left the item in the cart, about a $1000 worth of stuff. As I left, I saw lots of employees just standing around doing much of nothing, and one manager too busy flirting with an employee to take any interest in what I was looking for, than what the best speakers system would work for my ipad/ipod. Today, I visit the same store and it shone like a new piece of jewlery - lighting was different, everything had a place, lots of helpful but non-intrusive people, and displays actually worked. I went over to the speaker docking section and found the 300i Sony Ipad docking station selling for $199. Lucky for me, Cosco had already sold out of the $150 Sony 200i, which was why I thought about giving Best Buy a try and found the 300i. I took the item to checkout, no more cattle line, and was pleasantly surprised to not get hit up for a warranty, but instead was asked if I was a rewards club member. I was so impressed, that I got out to the car, where my wife was waiting with the 4 kids, and asked her to go in and see if she thought it was the same store. She came out and felt the same way as I did. The store was a vast improvement. The only thing missing was that while Cosco's parking lot was packed with cars, and people loading up on, and getting gasoline of all things, Bestbuy was lacking in customers. Having made $38,000 on the stock, we have decided to hang on a little bit longer on our remaining 3800 shares. I dumped the other half of my position at 27 - 28, When I heard Hubert Joly was taking the helm, I took an interest on those books he claimed he read, before taking over Bestbuy. Sorry about that -- I bought the books on Amazon, and read some of Alan Mulhally's book, and all of 'Who said Elephants can't dance' by Louis Gerstner. I took a special interest in Gerstner's book as I made $62,000 on IBM when Gerstner took over, and I'm hoping Joly will hit equal success at BBY. I know this won't happen, but it would be beneficial for Joly to join Cosco's membership and then visit Cosco. He should check out just what is causing the parking lot to be full over there just 2 blocks away from Bestbuy. It was that way even during the economic slowdown. It also would be beneficial to check out how Walmart handles Black Friday, where on a cold day, people are inside the store, sitting, literally sitting on the floor, patiently waiting for the buy countdown, inside a warm facility, while at Bestbuy, people were outside in a line out in the cold.
by Valued Expert
on ‎06-25-2013 08:54 PM

Enough people do not give blame to Apple's policy of chaning the jack style.  Apple also makes OS obslete very quickly.  

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