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Best Buy Return Policy

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-25-2019 05:50 PM - last edited on ‎04-26-2019 08:40 AM by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist

Based on a recent personal experience, I hereby submit the following suggestion.


I bought an indoor antenna for about $50.  After adjusting the location of the indoor antenna, and continually losing signal and channels, I returned to my original exterior antenna and got a better result.  When I attempted to return the product, I was told that I had exceeded the 2-week return policy.  Even though the product was new and still sold on the shelf in the store, the manager informed me that the computer wouldn't accept any return beyond the return policy date.  I replied that store credit would be acceptable since I am a frequent customer, but no deal., the store's policy was the policy.


My suggestion regarding the return policy deadlines is as follows:

When a product is beyond the return policy date, charge a restocking fee and refund the difference in store credit.  If the product is returned in new condition and if the product is still sold on the shelves, then the store can still resell it.   The restocking fee (of up to 20%) acts as a disincentive to return the merchandise unless the customer is truly dissatisfied with it and has no further use for it.  It avoids the customer being stuck with an expensive product that they can't get rid of.  The store credit will ensure the customer comes back to shop again.  A more generous return policy will reduce a customer's reticence of purchasing a product of uncertain utility and also generate a more satisfied customer base if they customers can return a product that failed to live up to expectations.  


 Charles {removed per forum guidelines}

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. It is my understanding that at this time we will not be changing our Return or Exchange Promise.

by Valued Expert
on ‎04-26-2019 07:02 AM

I see merit to the idea but people would then get outraged by a restocking fee and not really comprehend the idea that they are getting a good deal.


Another potential issue is people would then be able to use the return policy like a product rental. 


Yes 20% would be an incentive to not return a product.


Best Buy had a longer return period years ago.  But I think it was reduced in part to people returning 29 day old products due to buyers remorse or other reasons.  Returns, especially of espensive items, really hurt a company. 

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎05-02-2019 11:45 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. It is my understanding that at this time we will not be changing our Return or Exchange Promise.

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