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Best Buy Founders Edition Drop Events - Texas Card Distribution Suggestion

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-26-2021 02:54 PM - last edited on ‎08-26-2021 03:41 PM by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist

To Whom it may concern,

I hope this message finds its way to the right person. If you are not it, could you pass it along to someone who may be able to help the situation? Thank you.

First off, Id like to thank you guys for taking the extra time to set up the 30 series Founders Edition drop events. The staff I have delt with have been super professional and the process extremely smooth.

However, it is clearly evident that the distribution of cards in the Texas area isn’t properly proportionate to the population centers that receive them. Please consider revising your distribution numbers!!

The data:
Houston is the largest city in Texas with 2.31 million people and with aprox 7.1 million residents in the greater area. It makes sense that they get the most cards. Which they did. According to my data store the city received 262 cards between the Woodlands and the Galleria.  This would be 0.000037 cards per person.

Now lets look at other cities in Texas.
Austin - 2.29m people - 105 cards - 0.000046 cards per person
San Antonio -  2.55m people - 104 cards - 0.000041 cards per person 
El Paso - 844,818 people - 50 cards - 0.00006 cards per person
Corpus Christi - 442,699 people - 120 cards - 0.00027 cards per person
Lubbock - 318,680 people - 112 cards - 0.00035 cards per person
Midland/Odessa - 343,055 people - 112 cards -  0.00033 cards per person

Now lets look at Dallas ForthWorth Metroplex. Remember this is two cities! the Arlington store is in the middle with travel times up to 1 hours without traffic.
Dallas/Ftworth - 7.69m people - 112 cards - 0.000015 cards per person! 

This means that Lubbock, Texas received 23 times as many cards per person than Dallas/Ftworth. Houston got 2.5x as many cards! 

I understand that my data is not official and you may have other metrics to determine distribution. However, also considering the turnout and its timeline for the event it is clear that the Dallas/Fort Worth Area needs more of the distribution.

{removed per forum guidelines}

In the image above you will see the line counts at Midnight last night were significantly higher at the Arlington Location. The cut off time for people to get cards was roughly 6pm!! This is 13 hours before cards are released and only 6 hours after your announcement! People in these smaller cities were able to go up to the store at 7:30 am and get cards without even camping!!

This 6pm cutoff time also means that people working that day were unable to get to this location in time. Additionally it is fair to speculate that people in line are consisted of mostly scalpers. Having unsuccessfully camped out at BB before and Microcenter multiple times i recognized A LOT of faces. I can confirm that most of the line was made up of Scalpers. Some scalper groups have grown to almost 20 people!

PLEASE consider adding another store to the Dallas Fortworth Area!! Or please allocate some cards from some of the smaller cities to the Arlington Location. Also please consider looking into how Micro Center has chosen to switch from a camping/line system to an in store shuffle. It is a much safer and efficient system and deters scalpers.

Thanks for your time.

Have a good one,
BB customer

Status: Acknowledged

We appreciate the data and suggestion.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎08-31-2021 10:17 AM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

We appreciate the data and suggestion.

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