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by on ‎04-05-2012 10:38 AM

What's up BB!!!


Long time fan/customer here.


Alright, down to business...


I believe there are several things that can be done, in addition to what you guys are already doing (well, for the most part).


But first.  INCREASING trade in credit is not something you guys should feel pressured to do...Gamestop on average, already gives people less...and their credit can only be spent on the limitedness of what Gamestop carries.  AT LEAST, you guys have more than just GAMES to spend our credit on.


For sure, it would help to have more attractive trade deals.  I personally come when there is an extra boost of about 30% or more when I trade in games w/o having to pre-order....(simply because I don't want to pre-order a game, BUT the pre-order specials are really good).


As for another other deal promotions aside from trade offers, you guys are banking it really well.  (Keep in mind, I'm comparing you to the only real competition to you, GAMESTOP; GS).  Gamers now a days are trying to hit the best "value for my games" spot.  GS is only relevant because it's been around longer, and quite frankly, people are still unaware you guys do trade ins...and not just games, but other electronics.  YOU EVEN PROVIDE A TRADE SITE WITH ESTIMATE CALCULATOR!!!  With GS, you lucky if your phone call isn't received while busy or with attitude..and GOOD LUCK getting trade values over the phone LOL.


Listen, the path to owning the TRADE IN not just marketing or expanding word that you guys do this...but you really need to lift the policy (in A LOT OF BB STORES) of having to provide a RECEIPT for the games your going to trade, providing that they were bought from a BB store, ONLY.  This is where you alienate your potential to blow "you know who" out of the water like the "you know what" they really are.  I dare say, MILLIONS & MILLIONS of gamers don't keep their receipt....heck, CUSTOMERS in general, don't keep receipts!!!


Sticking to your guns on this, not only turns away trades, but it keeps your "used" game library very minimal...and I mean MINIMAL.  And with that small used game library, it keeps away customers too.


Your GAMER magazine is great...I don't care what other may think, but your the only game magazine...and I will say this underlined; the only magazine by far to offer GREAT coupons with EVERY SINGLE ISSUE FOR ONLY 15 DOLLARS?!!?!  I say this in conjunction with the "trade/used games" because you have great coupons for used games as well (not just for new...thank god and god forbid if GS did that lol), but what's a gamer like myself to do with these coupons...if there are BARELY and good USED GAMES TO PICK FROM?!?


Another thing, your gaming sections have looked really bad/sloppy.  I come in on a week day (Mon & Wed mostly...after work) it's BARREN.  And no excuses...the weekends it should be packed, or faced/leveled...something, but it looks bad too (I'm speaking of 4 BB's in NY)  Your gaming section has to, at the very least...look attractive.  Then the next step, is actually putting games on display that make sense.


Example...for Wii (let the hating begin).  You can have you kid/family section, no problem...heck, have a used game section too, np, and of course the budget titles.  But the core section, the games that don't go in the sections I just mentioned...there is nothing?!  Now, it can be, because Wii titles, don't move in a certain make a dummy case and display it...order it to be picked up in store for the customer.  Don't try to spread 3 to 8 facings/displays of a Mario title for the sake of Mario?  LOL, that's the worst thing you can do.  You need to display the titles that a true gamer would play...things like; Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Sin and Punishment, Tatsunoku vs Capcom, Red Steel, COD, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem,...I can go on too.  But the same idea across for all platforms.  It's like, what used to be a large selection of new titles at BB, are watered down to "left overs".


And if "left overs" are a result of no, you guys should definitely hold some kind of gamers club tournaments, or gaming sessions exclusive to you unlocked members...or maybe a proposed 3rd level??? (wink wink).  GS has completely stopped doing this.  They stopped the "connection" they had with their long time gaming customers.  What was once a hub and social spot is not a straight forward "in and out".  No interpersonal nothing...ask some customers in GS as an undercover customer yourself...they'll tell you GS has changed a lot.  YOU CAN CAPITALIZE HERE.


BB has the space, and you sure as $%& have the staff (whether with full pay roll or not...GS barely has the appropriate staff numbers...2 at most lol)  I'm not saying to hold these things religiously either...but maybe monthly...every qtr...promote a special event...intertwine it with deals and promos..and of course...prize...make it store credit...keep the money within BB.  And trust me...BB credit of $50 is better spent in BB then $50 credit from GS.  And if not tournaments...have like, advance screenings of movies about to be released.  Give like 5 min teaser or etc, and do the same, throw in deals/specials.


All this of course, can't be done without proper staff.


I don't know the hiring requirements for BB.  But I remember what is was for GS, and you HAD to be fully knowledgeable about games.  With BB, they're not that knowledgeable....for example...and without being "biased", I myself was trying to convince my friend to not buy the PSP Vita, at the moment, till it excels.  Foolishly, he and a BB associate were talking and speaking of how well it's doing and even finally beating the 3DS.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   I corrected to both of them, the associate asked if I worked at a game store...I said I used to, but it doesn't mean, because I work at a gamestore, I would know things like means I would "have" to.  Information like this is available on the web.  And just in case, the 3DS trumped the sales of the first DS (which trumped the PSP)....PSP is beating...easily the PSP Vita.  Simply mathematics.


Your game staff should be knowledgeable of the games they themselves are trying to represent or sell.  It's a huge turn off when they don't know nothing.  Like when a family comes and ask what good "pure family" games are available on PS3...they quickly assume throwing the move at them is an automatic win...come on!


This is it for now.  If you are curious why I had so much to say, or what to ask for additional ideas...hit up my email.   But most of all, thanks for allowing me to share my idea with you.


BB ALL DAY!!! Woo!

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for the input on this idea
by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎04-05-2012 01:25 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
Thanks for all the kind words, and for the insight into our gaming business model. I would like to hear from other customers and employees on this.
on ‎04-05-2012 06:17 PM

Unless I'm misinformed, we have nothing at all to do with having to have a receipt for the original purchase of the game.  My store does not require an original receipt.  Unfortunately, there is no way around the issue if yours does as that will be state legislation/law that forces that policy. 


Let me know if I'm wrong, but pretty sure that's the case.


Sadly, with the multiple facings of a game, that's usually because a manufacturer will pay for so much space for their titles.  Like when CoD, BF, Halo, and other titles come out, they feel up close to 4' of space.

on ‎04-06-2012 07:57 AM

i guess...your welcome Allan...though i know and understand it's probably a generic response.


for Dval.


if it is enforeced by state/legislation law...then it wouldn't effect certain stores in the same state/county/ should be consistant all cross right?


i'm a resident of NY, and there are select stores that require the receipt...and then some that don't.  (and...though you are two different did GS manage to slip away for "all" their stores not to require a receipt as proof of purchasing games within GS...BB can find away...I think, since they are relatively new at this...they did the receipt thing as a "good" prevent/hinder what my company may call "absuer trades" or "trash trades"...where someone/anyone, brings in items they never purchased or owned themselves...(stolen goods) )


oh, and I didn't mean what I just wrote any malice or with attitude, just stating..if it's "law", it should be across the board, and effect all stores/companies that do the same service.


and, to respond about facings.  i know first had what you mean.  but there are ways, is a way, to go around this.  i'm not saying to do it...but you can display...during what would be peak hours, what you want to display...then when the peak dies down...revert back to basic display...but when i was mentioning the "display/facings"'s because of the consistant "lack" of games on display, then addressing what to display to attract gamers.  (empty spots are inexcusable right???)


what about any comments regarding interaction with the the tournaments and whatever?


looking forward to sharing more with you guys.

on ‎04-06-2012 08:45 PM

Hrmm, that's a little odd.  Having the original receipt of purchase is not Best Buy policy.  Should only be enforced if/when it is a state law.  Either Gamestop is skirting the law in NY or BB stores in the area have taken it on themselves to use the policy...which they really shouldn't.  Try to inquire if they're following company policy or if they have their own.


I'd love to see things like CoD or WoW tournaments held in store.  Think it could really help get more gamers to come check the company out. 


Keep the ideas coming.  Gaming is still in its infancy with Best Buy.

on ‎04-09-2012 12:54 PM
Problem is most FPS games (usually what tournaments are made of) are rated M. Meaning TRU would have to have a sectioned of section that doesn't allow underage people in without adults. Let alone they have the hassle of dealing with customers that don't want themself or their kids seeing the M rated content. So they have to play a juggling act between them all and is not as simple as "just having a tournament".
on ‎04-10-2012 08:01 AM

for Dval:


apparently, you get a kudos from me.  i'm finding out that some of the store locations that i once visited before, no longer need the receipt.  thank god.  (also, prove that it was needed in the "beginnings", the trade site (from best buy) now has a banner that says "no receipt"...funny to mention, if it was never an issue before.)


that's a definite win situation, but now letting it known that best buy does trade ins, not limited to only games.


for Jimmie:


yes, FPS's may be rated M...but it gets that rating first because of the content in the story mode (all the cursing and "mature" scenes displayed in the games story).  if you were to mute the is just another shooter....can even esacpe with rated T.  and my petpeeve with COD MW series..there is no BLOOD! (lol, so i guess that will be perfect in tournament mode)


and tournaments can be a wide range, more interesting that the typical.."shooter".  fighting games..sports...battle of the bands or guitar (mario kart)...smash brothers...


tournaments can work...i've seen it work and i used to be incharge of such things.  gamestops used to have these things...but the corporation decided to take that away....look how small their stores were.


Best Buy's are just....perfectly sized for such things....all that space for "game display's" and "demos" can be used to hold an event.  (the ones with the 46+ in tv, and controllers and has a white barrier to seperate it from the non playing crowd.)


visited a Best Buy (rego park) again....Sunday...the games section looks soo unloved it hurts.

on ‎04-10-2012 10:37 AM

wow, just saw that the CEO stepped down.


i still can't believe Amazon is taking away market share...they've been around a while...and they never posed a problem...why now.

on ‎04-10-2012 02:16 PM
It doesn't matter what they "filter out". Your thinking logically. BBY would only be thinking legally and business wise. Legally it is an M rated game they are playing, period.
on ‎04-11-2012 07:38 AM

From business stand point, true.


But that shouldn't and wouldn't deter a BBY from holding a tournament for FPS.  It will just be held "after hours", after school hours, and the registration process would include having to identify your age with proof of id and etc.


I read that they will be closing 50 stores and opening 100 smaller stores....looks like those 100 are out of this idea/plan lol

on ‎04-12-2012 01:34 PM
To do this they have to have a section that isn't viewable by everyone (for my local store it was a magnolia back room). They then only let in those that were over the age or those that had their parents with them. If they can't section off a private area they would have to shut down the whole store for x amount of time OR have a gaming trailer outside in the lot (latter is much more likely). I know it probably doesn't make sense, but it's all legal butt covering. I'm not saying its a bad idea because I love having these kind of tournaments, but it's a massive pain to set up.
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