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by on ‎11-12-2013 08:41 AM

It's a real shame that I won't be spending any christmas dollars at Best Buy this year, unlike years before. Since you guys chose to create a choice between ruining Thanksgiving Day or completely missing out on the best deals, I will be doing my electronics shopping online.


If you want my dollars to return to your stores, then you need to return Black Friday to FRIDAY!

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on ‎11-12-2013 10:49 AM

Yup. Also no price match during the week.


Taking business somewhere.

on ‎11-12-2013 02:01 PM

I must be missing something here. How is it ruining Thanksgiving? Doorbusters start at 12:00 midnight. Also, if you are an eliteplus member you can get early acess to these products couple of days in advance online. (already bookedmarked a couple of items I plan to purchase)

on ‎11-12-2013 03:02 PM

Doorbusters start at 6:00pm on Thanksgiving Day. They start handing out tickets at 4:00pm.

on ‎11-13-2013 08:46 AM

I completely agree ChillerMonster.  I'm not supporting any company that is making it's employees work on Thanksgiving, just so they can make a few extra dollars, it's pathetic.


AWBrown, it's not ruining Thanksgiving for you, think about all the employees who have to go to work instead of enjoying the holiday.


They are not only losing my Christmas dollars, but I'm done shopping there.

on ‎11-13-2013 12:08 PM

I don't work for Best BUy so I don't know this, but I would imagine the employees were asked who wished to work on the holiday. There will be some hardcore dedicated employees who will work and some hardcore dedicated family employees who will absolutely refuse to work and won't show up on that day. 


In reality you are complaining Best Buy is trying to "make a quick buck" when if you think about it almost every retailer in this day and age will have a similar system. Do I really need to pull out the newspaper and start researching to prove my point? I can almost bet you at least one other popular retailer is going to do the same exact thing/something similar.


Does it ruin mne? Nope and  if it was up to me I would be one of those hardcore dedicated family employees. I somehow can't see "being terminated" for refusing to work on a national holiday. And in some circumstances if you was, you would probably have some form of a legal action possible?


@ChillerMonster ,


why did it say then that at midnight is when we could view the items I'm confused...


"Deals are available in store at 12 a.m"


I took it as they open at 6pm but the specials don't start until 12?

on ‎11-13-2013 08:17 PM

Some of the changes in our world are not for the better.  One of those changes is stores opening on Thanksgiving or prior to the morning of Black Friday to begin those all important sales for the Christmas Season.  And yes, it is for the Christmas Season.  If we removed all Christmas celebrants from the equation stores would make very little money in that same timeframe.  But that's another subject.


I am joining the National Boycott of stores opening prior to 6 a.m. on Black Friday, thereby interupting the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thanksgiving is a day for families, to be thankful for our blessings, and to be able to spend time with those we love.  To have to rush through or miss a family dinner on this holiday to work an "early Black Friday" is absurd and part of that which is ruining the very fabric of family time as we once knew it.

Therefore, I will not be shopping at Best Buy for the duration of the Christmas season.  There are some nationally known stores that feel the same way and won't open before the morning of Black Friday and those stores, as well as others is where I will be buying my Christmas gifts.


Best Buy, you are a part of the problem.  Think about becoming part of the solution to heal our families here in America.

on ‎11-13-2013 08:59 PM

I for one do not like the stores opening on Thanksgiving day. This was  day of thanksgiving and I hate that employees do have to work that day. If people think that these employees were "offered" to work and if they choose not to that they can't be fired, you are very wrong. A company can offer it, but if they don't have enough employees--guess what? You are required to show up or if you don't, it is considered an absence. Regardless of if it is a national holiday or not, not all businesses close for all Holidays. I won't be shopping at Best Buy on the day of Thanksgiving, but afterwards. If everyone just boycotted the stores for the time being on Thursday and went on Friday, then we would get back to tradition. However, last year they made a lot of money by opening their doors sooner so jist this is why it has now become the norm.

on ‎11-14-2013 09:02 AM



An employer won't fire a good employee for ONE absence. Now if you already have a bad track going on yeah that could do it!


" If everyone just boycotted the stores for the time being on Thursday and went on Friday, then we would get back to tradition. "


If is the word here sadly. Profit is profit in the eyes of business. Just like Christmas my family has actually started to celebrate Thanksigving on the day before it actually occurs. 


There are a few reasons:


1) Not as many people in restaraunts.(we go to Golden Corral every year these days and it appears many people do that)

2) At least on Christmas we celebrate it on the Eve so that way we can be the first ones in line for Christmas returns/sales when it comes time.

3) We have a few family members hwo have the total opposite way of thinking as everyone posting on here. They would rather get extra pay(if applicable) and still celebrate the holidays when the chance arrives.

on ‎11-14-2013 01:09 PM

@ AWBrown


If I may point out a few things.  First, you don't know if an employer would or wouldn't " a good employee for ONE absence."  You're guessing that's the case.  There are stores that absolutely will penalize employees for not working if scheduled.


I would like for the people of this country to look to family values and make those a higher priority than shopping on Thanksgiving.  I would love for people to put their cell phones away when they sit down for dinner with their family and actualy connect with them without the interuption of a cell phone.  I would like to return to traditional values when people cared about one another.


I have talked with a lot of people who feel this way and see the need for us to step back and slow down.  Frankly, I think that's a good thing.

on ‎11-15-2013 11:05 AM

Am I missing something here what is the difference between best buy and every other profession that works during holidays?  I don't hear anyone complaining about people who work at 7-11, 24 hour CVS, cops, firemen, taxi driver.  I could keep going but I think you get the point.  Just because it has not been done before you jump all over the stores that are opening on thanksgiving but could care less about walking into a 7-11 at 5AM on Thanksgiving to get coffee.  No one is telling you to go shopping on those days and I am sure there are plenty of other people that will be standing in line to get the sales so lets get off our soapbox and let people make the decision to work or go shopping on Thanksgiving if they want. 

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