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Auto email alert on Pre-Orders

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by Valued Expert on ‎11-10-2015 10:11 AM

It occurs to me that many customers lose their pre-orders of games and other products because they use a debit card or some such and they have insufficient funds in their account when Best Buy goes to charge.


To this end, perhaps the programers could build in an auto email alert to send out to pre-order customers 7 days prior to release informing them that in the next week Best Buy will be charging their account and that they should insure they have sufficient funds.  And that if they do not their order may be canceled. 


I look at the forum regarding all the Pipboy cancellations and I am willing to bet that nearly 100% of them are becuase customers do not have sufficient funds.



Status: Tell Us More

Interesting suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this as an option? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎11-11-2015 10:51 AM
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Interesting suggestion. Would anyone else like to see this as an option? Make sure to vote for an idea if you like it.

by Valued Expert
on ‎11-11-2015 03:09 PM

It could also be profitable for Best Buy.  Say for example 1000 pre-orders are declined because it was ordered 4 months ago and the buyer forgot to check their acount before the money came out or thought it was already paid for. 


It could dramatically lower canceled order rate. Make less work for the finance people and ease the load on the moderators. 


on ‎11-12-2015 11:29 AM

A solution I would rather see is the one implemented on another site.  Don't immediately cancel preorders when payment is declined. Instead, notify the customer via email and give them a day or a few to contact their bank or specify new payment details before cancelling.

by Valued Expert
on ‎11-12-2015 12:01 PM

As a business owner I think that is a viable option for small companies and or web site.


This is logistics and personel encumberance.   Say they have a 1000 pre-orders that are declined.  The comapny then needs to allocate resources to each of those issues.  Also for large pre-orders you now have a lot of stock piled up in the warehouse waiting to go.


I feel an automated email 1 week prior would use a lot fewer resources and go a lot further.


Another con to sending an eamil out after it is declined is all the people who cannot stand to have a game a few days late getting all up in the air over it.


Perhaps the best solution is to send out the email a week prior.  Called Preventative Damage Control

Then if it is declined send out a subsequent email and give them 24 hours.  Clean UP

on ‎11-12-2015 12:16 PM
I agree that allowing the customer to resolve issues in advance is probably better. However, the issue I run into instead of lack of funds on a debit card is credit cards being replaced by the issuer for various reasons. Since as far as I know there is no way to change payment info without cancelling and replacing the order, an email only solution wouldn't solve all issues. Also, the retailer I was referring to is Amazon. Their process is completely automatic, and if payment issues are resolved shortly after the notification is sent, shipment and delivery aren't even delayed.
by Valued Expert
on ‎11-12-2015 12:22 PM

The changing of a card is a good point.  And as a coincidence my card was compromised last August and I had an order from Amazon that was simply canceled.  I did not get an email.


However, Amazon runs different in that Amazon is multiple entities.  Many of the offering on Amazon are not from Amazon.  They are separate retailers who use Amazon as a portal, similar in nature to Yahoo Shopping (where my store is).  The retailer has the option to allow customers to update their info.

on ‎11-20-2015 09:15 AM

Hmm not sure the first issue is an issue for best buy at all and more of an issue for the people they need to check their spam folder and the like. I had to cancel my card that i originally placed the pip boy order on and forgot about it and then BB did sent an email to me saying there was an issue with my card I logged into the account and changed it no problem at all and yes it was a debit card. It was originally compromised because of best buy trying to charge me over 40k for farcry 4 when it was on deal of the day so apparently best thought i needed 1000's of copies lol every 7 minutes they kept charging me again and had to have the bank to cancel the card and rush me another one cause it was right before the July 4th weekend. 


by Valued Expert
on ‎11-24-2015 11:50 AM

It is not an issue for Best Buy but for the customer.  


it would help relieve a lot of the people screaming foul because they lost their order. 

It is not an issue for Best But but rather it is damage control, or preventative damage control if you will.


go to the game forum.  There must be 200 to 300 postings about upset people who lost their pre-orders in the last month for 2 or 3 games.

on ‎11-24-2015 11:52 AM

I see that but like I said these customers probably got an email and they just didn't see it. I know I did and took care of it and it was the pip boy of fallout so I have to say BB is doing what is right alot of the complaints will always be from people that just blame somone else when something goes wrong even if it is their own fault. 

by Valued Expert
on ‎11-24-2015 05:13 PM

Perhaps a text alert option would be good.  I think a major point is thought that they need to make the customer aware that their card will not be charged until up to a week before an order is ready to ship.


It is never an issue for me as I use a Best Buy Card for all pre-orders.  

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