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An Official BestBuy rep joining CAG

Status: We Did It!
by on ‎03-01-2012 03:45 PM

Because of the amount of deals BestBuy has had it can be very difficult to keep up thus I always check CAG(CheapA$$ to see what's going on. I'm a very active member there as I am also active on the BestBuy forums page & I think this would benefit all those involved. So it's a "WIN WIN WIN"


BestBuy Wins

Because the deals are far more visible than just the weekly ad thus more sales more $

Errors/mistakes that occur can be correctly quickly & that will cut down on the number of angry customers that miss a deal

With more sales & more $ generated BestBuy can provide more deals & promotions based off the larger sales base

More site traffic, more visibility

Even though the site is for gamers there's also a section for movies & other electronics


Customers Wins

More deals

Less errors/mistakes to avoid several trips to the store

Easy way to find all the deals in one spot

The CAG community can help with alerting stores that are out of stock & where items can be found


CAG Wins

More site traffic, more visibility

More deal posters = more deals posted

More CAG's helped


The only "loser" is our wallets but hey those are the breaks.


Just take a look at the current March @Gamer thread with deals that include $10 for Batman Arkham City, $5 for Rage & $5 for Mass Effect 2


The CAG will also be speaking on a rep joining hopefully we can make this happen sooner than later. The 2011 fall deals from BestBuy were unbeatable & even I was overwhelmed trying to keep up, keep everyone updated & get in on some of the deals but that's where a Official rep comes in.


There have been/are other retailers that have reps. there & they have been rewarded with more sales.


Sound off below lets get a BestBuy rep to CAG in time for the 2012 fall gaming blitz

Status: We Did It!

Good news! Thank you, Enuf, for posting this idea on IdeaX and to all the Community members who commented on this idea.  I am happy to announce that the CAG website is part of the Best Buy Affiliate Program.  In partnership with CAG, we are now providing them information about our deals and promotion which they can post on their website.  Other ways to receive information about our exclusive gaming offers are by signing-up for our @Gamer magazine, checking out’s gaming offers, viewing our weekly ad or joining the Reward Zone Gamer’s Club.

One great idea from IdeaX and our Gaming Forum boards implemented.  I look forward to the next.  Game on!

on ‎03-01-2012 09:34 PM

As long as they keep the great gaming coupon discounts we're seeing now on older titles and that the coupons still continue to stack with sale prices then I'd gladly welcome a BB rep on CAG.


However, unless BB starts offering the same pre-order bonuses in store that you can get online for games released, then I likely won't be a new release game buyer from them anytime soon unless I have a gift card or gaming credit.

on ‎03-03-2012 12:14 AM

Well I think we're all in agreement that subtracting from the Gamers club isn't a productive option at this point. They've already made the Unlocked program paid(which I'm completely fine with since the deals have definitely been worth it) & the Gamers Club has lost the $10 for every $150 spent & the $10 pre-order bonuses so no more losses. I'll like to see if there's a way to get the $10 pre-order bonuses back & there's been numerous suggestions that work for all parties involved hopefully we can get some interaction from a BestBuy promo rep & get things moving.


I will say though the whole pre-order/reserve/pre-order DLC system needs to be revamped from the ground up since the 5 for $100 deal exposed alot of holes. People's reserves being sold to customers that didn't pre-order at all, having to make mulitple trips to BestBuy for DLC...but this is not the place for all that. LOL

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎03-05-2012 03:06 PM
Status changed to: Tell Us More
After reading your idea it does sound this could be valuable. I would like to hear from other users if they would see that value of having official representation on the CAG forum.
on ‎03-05-2012 03:43 PM

I'd like to see offers cross promoted using the gamers club unlocked since building a stronger GCU following & subscription base should translate into better deals for members. I know this may not be the most popular stance but paid members should receive more deals seeing as we've put up $15 in good faith on a strong return from BB. The current ME2 pre-order is a great example($10 e-giftcard for free members $20 for paid), promos like this will definitely make people want to join.

on ‎03-05-2012 05:21 PM

As a CAG member, I would love to see BB having an official rep on the forum.

on ‎03-05-2012 06:30 PM

I would love to see BB have an official rep at cag and for coupons to be usable online


on ‎03-05-2012 07:44 PM

I, for one, am NOT entirely happy with the prospect of an official Best Buy rep coming to CAG. I very much like that the @Gamer coupons stack with sale prices and facilitate such great prices as we're seeing this week with five dollar copies of Rage, Bulletstorm and Mass Effect 2 and ten dollar copies of Batman: Arkham City.


I prefer cheaper priced games to paying MSRP for a title and getting a $10 or $20 gift card or possibly a coupon towards a future purchase with it. Now on the other hand if Best Buy could swing a deal such as the KmartGamer rep did on CAG, where with purchase of LA Noire when it was still a $60 game you received a $19.99 game free AND received a $20 off coupon towards another purchase. So even though you were paying $60 for the game, you could break it down and say that you paid for your free game and coupon and got LA Noire for $20 in the end.


Either way, I hope that if an official rep does pop up on CAG, that the focus of gaming promotions(including but not limited to the @Gamer coupons) will NOT switch completely to new release titles.

on ‎03-06-2012 02:01 AM

I would like to see a BB rep for CAG. Smiley Happy

on ‎03-06-2012 02:53 AM

A Best Buy representative on Cheap A$$ Gamer would be great outreach for your customers who do not bother to post on the BB forums directly.


The CAG community really reached out to KMart in the last year & a half due to deals were exclusively advertised online on either CAG or the Kmart Gamer blog site, but alas they have ended their promotions at the beginning of the year.


Due to the willingness of my local BB staff to price match these deals, I have been shopping with Best Buy almost exclusively for games in the last year.  I would love to see if special deals ala coupons or a better version of the 5 for $100 deal be implemented with the CAG community directly or through a Best Buy gaming website.


Also, if the coupons can be used online, that would be great as well, especially when shopping for more obscure titles....

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎03-06-2012 10:01 AM

I love the continued interest in this idea. If you like the idea kudo the idea.

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