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Allow customers to purchase MyBB points for themselves or as gifts

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by on ‎06-02-2014 07:26 PM
Basically, if customer has 247 MyBB(MBB) pts in their account & they wanna make an upcoming purchase in 2 days or so this would allow them to spend $3 & load the final 3 pts needed for a $5 cert. The primary benefit of doing this vs purchasing say a $3 BB giftcard is that the points would post as "instantly" as possible since there`s no risk of fraud to put BB at risk. Not only that a customer could then calculate it out correctly & instead of buying a giftcard for future purchases just load the amount in their MBB account where both totals will post "instantly".

As a side benefit to this BB would now be able to compete with no tax online retailers since MBB certs can be used to alter the tax hit on purchases(keeping in mind that the total must exceed the MBB cert amount). On a gift giving level a customer could give a surprise MBB pt another customer at anytime. With BB sending a generic "Congrats you have $_____ ready to spend in your MBB account". Once they log in the "SURPRISE MBB pts from _____ are now ready for you to spend, enjoy!!!! banner would pop up.

Promote this as the "Many ways to BestBuy from giftcards to MyBB certs" we have you covered. Give the gift of a MyBB shopping day & get rewarded in the process. You would also need to give MBB pts to the customer giving the pts since they would get pts had they purchased a BB giftcard maybe an extra bonus based on the total amount given to encourage the behavior vs buying a BB giftcard from retailer like Walgreens, CVS or RiteAid.
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Interesting idea. Any other thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
on ‎06-03-2014 08:24 AM

I have to admit this really is a good idea. Not much to add to it either as it's pretty much planned out too b boot at that.

by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎06-03-2014 12:50 PM
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Interesting idea. Any other thoughts on this? Remember to vote for an idea if you like it.
by Valued Expert
on ‎06-09-2014 12:17 PM

Sounds like a stable idea.  I think it would have to be set up so that you can only purchase points by purchasing a NON returnable gift card. 


You would then turn around and use the gift card and make your purchase with it.  You don't get points for gift card purchases so it would not be double dipping.

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