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A more transparent Geek Squad

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-28-2019 10:05 AM
I propose Geek Squad Services performed in the back of house of dungeon as I’ve heard it called - be made more visible to customers both frequenting the Geek Squad counter and browsing nearby in the store. The idea works in the same sense that “Open Kitchens” do for the restaurant industry. Customers feel more comfortable consuming what they understand and can see during creation or preparation.
Putting something like windows or using monitors to display the hard work and skill geek squad agents are practicing would not only give customers a piece of mind, but also insight regarding the repair and open box certification process.
I fully believe that a new open service center and style would boost both customer sales and retention. Possibly even drawing curious customers in who have little to no knowledge of Geek Squad and it’s services, work ethics, etc.
I’m curious to hear if anyone else could see this working in Geek Squads favor.
I appreciate the feed back!
Status: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming from on this. At this time we will not be moving forward on this idea.

by Emerging Expert
on ‎05-29-2019 11:18 AM

As somebody who actually worked as a pioneer of the Geek Squad idea (some years before Geek Squad was a thing) I would exceptionally dislike someone watching over my shoulder while I work on their computer. Your better option, if you want that, would be to take it to a local mom and pop shop.  And chances are they would not want someone breathing down their neck either.


It could/would also cause further issue in that sometimes repairs or upgrades require diagnostics.  I can just picture a customer standning there watching their computer apparently just sitting there. 



by Senior Social Media Specialist Senior Social Media Specialist
on ‎06-02-2019 12:02 PM
Status changed to: Acknowledged

I hear where you are coming from on this. At this time we will not be moving forward on this idea.

on ‎06-30-2019 06:51 AM

Beyond the idea of someone watching over your shoulder while you work, the bigger fallout from this is that it risks exposing other customer's confidential information as you would be able to see other machines that they may be working on (as often times they're working on multiple machines at once).  This is a huge no-no especially in today's world where such an emphasis is placed on privacy and confidentiality and it violates a level of trust that customers give you when they drop their devices off and leave them with you. 


The only way this would be feasible would be if they sat down with you and repaired your computer with you, which is not really feasible because it would drastically cut down productivity from working on multiple computers at once to working on them one at a time.

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