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A Beginner's Guide to the Campus Board for Rock Climbing

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by on ‎06-27-2022 01:28 AM


Climbing is not an easy task and for this you need training. A German crusher Wolfgang Gullich built a first campus board in 1988. He built this campus board for the training purpose and now it is mainly used by the gym trainers.

In this Blog we will provide best knowledge on what is campus board? , What are the benefits of using campus board? , Why campus board is the best training tool? , How do you get better at campus boarding? , When can you train on campus board?

What is a Campus Board?

A campus board is a training tool used in rock climbing. The campus board simulates the feeling of an overhanging rock face, so that climbers can practice moves and techniques for climbing such as dead-pointing, arm bars, underclings, and lock-offs.

What is the Purpose of a Campus Board?

A campus board is a training tool used by rock climbers to practice their climbing skills. It is an indoor climbing wall that is used for training and practicing routes. It consists of a set of wooden boards or panels with various types of holds and pockets that can be adjusted to create different types of routes.

How to set up a Campus Board at Home?

A campus board is a climbing training tool that consists of a series of wooden rungs, with the intention of simulating the experience of climbing up and down a natural rock face.

The main benefits of using such a tool are that it can improve grip strength and endurance, as well as provide an excellent core workout.

Some people set up their own campus board at home, while others buy one from a climbing store.

While there are many ways to set up your own board, there are some things to consider before doing so.

 For example: -Space in your home -Cost -How much time you have to dedicate to setting it up

How to Train on a Campus Board at Home?

A campus board is a great tool for training the fingers, hand strength, and improving the coordination between fingers and hands. It also helps with grip strength.

In order to build an effective home campus board, you will need a pull-up bar and some plastic holds (such as Campus Jugs). You can find these at online stores of various brands.

The plastic holds are used to create a campus rung on your board. Attach them to your pull-up bar by drilling holes in the center of the plastic and screwing them into place. You might want to use some tape or hot glue to make sure that they are secure.

Conclusion on Campus Board

So from the above we can say that it’s an amazing training tool

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