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E3 @ Best Buy: Brian's Take

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎06-22-2016 02:00 AM - edited ‎06-22-2016 09:42 AM (6,628 Views)

E3 at Best BuyIf you’re a gamer in any regard, you’re probably used to the feeling of looking forward to... something; be it the release of a game, a large event of sorts, or possibly even a simple gathering of friends to talk about what games you’re currently playing. One thing is for certain, though. We all look forward to E3 every year. This year was particularly exciting for me, as I'm a long-time Zelda fan. Read further to see more of my highlights from this year's E3 conference!


Sony PSVR > Reality

by on ‎06-19-2016 12:00 AM (6,922 Views)

If it's been a long day at work, school or you just need a break from reality the PlayStation VR (PSVR) will take you away and give you an experience unlike anything you've seen before.



 PlayStation VR



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