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Xbox One S Out Now!

by on ‎08-03-2016 03:16 PM (10,522 Views)

Xbox One S



It’s here it’s here!  The Xbox One S is available now!  The sleeker, slimmer and sharper 2TB console is now out in the wild.  It’s 40% smaller than the current Xbox One and has a huge hard drive. 


I’m really excited about diving back into some of my favorite Xbox games with the backwards compatibility. Plus it has all the streaming capabilities that everyone needs in beautiful 4K!  You can watch Ultra HD Blu-ray movies and with the Play Anywhere feature you can play your games on your console or PC.


Finally, get a minimum of $125 Best Buy gift card to use towards the purchase of an Xbox One S when you trade in an Xbox One or PS4.


You can order the Xbox One S by clicking here.   Let us know what you think of the new console in the comments below. 

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