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Welcome to the Pokémon Smash Bros…Pokkén Tournament

by on ‎09-25-2017 10:02 AM (10,516 Views)

Authored by: Nick Gee


What is Pokkén Tournament?


Pokkén Tournament was one of the more unique experiences to debut on the Nintendo Wii U. It allows individuals to take full control of the most interesting aspect of Pokémon, the battles themselves. As a fan of the Tekken fighting series and a complete fanboy for anything Pokémon, the melding of the two franchises together was an incredible blend. Who doesn’t love highly detailed Pokémon in an 3D environment duking it out with the veracity and show of an anime cartoon? The variety of Pokémon and customization was stellar and truly blew me away. Pokkén was a cult hit for many, unfortunately it was released on a console with a such a small install base that many haven’t had the opportunity to try it. That’s where Pokkén Tournament DX comes into play!


Why Pokkén Tournament DX?


Pokkén Tournament DX brings a whole set of new characters exclusively released in the original arcade version of Pokkén Tournament. Alongside the slew of new characters Pokkén DX includes new stages, assist characters, music, split screen and team battle modes. The amount of new features, characters and potential new customers more than justifies this reintroduction of an incredible game. Personal bias aside Pokkén is an excellent fighter. It’s arcadey and light fighting system allows new players to immediately get hooked, however Pokkén does come with a deep meta allowing for players to craft their own personal playstyles with their characters of choice. Even if you’re not into fighting games Pokkén’s ease of accessibility and charm truly sells the experience. I for one cannot wait to dive back in and take on the challenge of mastering all of the new characters!


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For those looking forward to the upgraded version, Pokkén Tournament DX released this past Friday, so hurry up and pick it up!  


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