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UFC 2 First Impression

by on ‎03-16-2016 10:10 AM (19,958 Views)

EA SPORTS UFC 2IT"S TIME!!  Welcome back to the Octagon in EA SPORTS UFC 2.  I was able to get hands-on with the game and here are my initial first impressions.  


Gameplay:  There’s definitely a learning curve and a novice won’t be able to jump into the Octagon.  The movement and controls were really smooth.  It felt authentic towards the UFC.   


Visual and Audio:  Everything screams UFC.  The announcers, fighters, Octagon and the camera movements feel like you’re watching a televised event. 


Game Modes:  There are several games modes and I was only able to touch the surface of each.  The My Career Mode, KO Mode and Ultimate team are interesting and would love to invest more time in them.  Make sure to utilize the Skill Challenges and Practice mode to hone your skills. 


EA SPORTS UFC 2Online:  There’s Live Events that you participate in and the online matchups connect quickly.  The competition is fierce online and you better have your skills sharp to participate.


Overall:  I’ve always been a fan of EA Sports games and UFC 2 appears to be on par with the excellence that is required to represent a unique and brutal sport. 


Let us know your thoughts on the newest installment in the UFC franchise in the box below.  


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