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Sea of Thieves

by ‎01-25-2018 03:12 PM - edited ‎01-30-2018 03:32 PM (10,900 Views)

Ahoy, Landlubbers!




A new game be sailin’ the seas, an’ good ol’ Cap’n Fey-BBY is here to give yeh the scoop.

If yer anying like me, there’s been a hole in your heart the size of a Spanish Galleon since the arrival of Sid Meier’s Pirates!  While she’s a steady game, she hasn’t aged the best, and me thirst for Piratical revenge demands ter be satiated.  Enter Sea of Thieves.




Sea of Thieves fanaticals have been eagerly watchin’ the game grow and develop over these past few years, with regular updates at E3 drawing roarin’ applause from audiences the world over.  Gather yer crew, adjust the sails, and keep an eye on yer compass as ye visit far away islands in search of treasure and adventure.  Engage in epic battles with other ships, upgrade yer equipment, battle skeletons, and grow yer career to become one of the most legendary pirates o’ all time.  Technical Alphas have shown glimpses of single player options, along with two and four player crews, all in a shared world.  It be rated T for Teen. 


This game will spare yeh many of the trials experienced by historical pirates, but if yeh have a love fer the Hollywood variety of pirate, yer in fer a good time.  Set in a fictional world filled with islands, follow clues to find hidden treasure all over the map.  Will the chest you find line yer pockets, or will it be cursed and fill yer ship with water?  Avoid skeleton ambushes, or meet them head on.  Navigate or battle other scallywags as ye sail back to port to turn in yer booty, or shoot one of yer crew members over to sabatage their ship.  Drink grog and play a tune.  There be many ways to play, and yeh can expect it ter be a swashbuckling good time.


Now, I know what ye be thinkin’, “Cap’n Fey-BBY, where can I find this glorious plunder?”  Don’t worry, I always be givin’ me fair share to me faithful crew.



Pre-Order the Game:


 Besides getting the game, you’ll also be getting:

-The exclusive Black Dog Pack (containing items and clothing with spectacular designs)

-Sea of Thieves Pre-Order Collectable Coin


Save 20% on your physical copy of the game with a Gamer’s Club Unlocked membership! 




Pre-Order the Limited Edition Controller:

This beautiful controller features a beautiful gradient design with a purple translucent background, laser-etched barnacles, a glow-in-the-dark skull, and a golden trigger.  The controller is wireless (does not include plug and play kit), has custom button mapping options, and is compatible with Xbox One and select Bluetooth supported Windows 10 devices.





Xbox Live Gold:

You’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to fully play this game on your Xbox One console.  Get a membership at Best Buy!



Don’t ferget ter leave yer favorite Pirate joke in the comments below deck!  What are yeh still doin’ here?  Get back ter work pre-orderin’ yer booty today!

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