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Madden NFL 18

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist on ‎07-18-2017 04:15 PM (14,258 Views)

Celebrating Madden NFL 18


Football season is right around the corner. I can feel it in the longer days, the hotter weather, and the fact that we are already nearing the halfway point of summer. More importantly, Madden NFL 18 on its way.

NFL Excitement
From its inception in 1988, the Madden franchise has catered to the NFL fan base. For years now we’ve lined up at the end of the summer to get the latest Madden game to fire it up and play as our favorite teams with or against our friends. I can remember lazy days in college doing this, and now Madden is a favorite game of my own son and we look forward to playing together. Whether we play through a season or just a quick game in our favorite stadium, every game is full of an authentic NFL game-day experience.

Upgrading Your Air Game
Madden is known for continuously bringing you closer to the game with each new year, and new game mechanics are a strong part of this process. This year I’m excited to try out the new Target Passing.

Hyped by EA as the ability to choose the exact spot on the field where you want to throw the ball, I’m sure this means a lot of missed passes, interceptions, and fourth down punts as I learn how to take control of my passing game. But once mastered I have no doubt it will be great to pick apart a defense with the precision of a surgeon.

Multiplayer Options
A large part of the fun is pitting yourself not only against some of the best names in the NFL, but against your best friend, sibling, younger cousin, or even random stranger online. I play as the Vikings, naturally, and my friend plays as the Texans. I’m excited to explore a new style of play, MUT (Madden Ultimate Team) Squads. MUT Squads allow you to pick your favorite players, mash them up with those of your friends, and create an elite squad to take on your rivals. I am excited to seeing how this new team dynamic plays out with me and my friends.

Longshot Storyline
I’m always a fan of a good story, whether it’s between the cover of a book, in the latest Hollywood Blockbuster, or in a video game. That’s why I’m very excited to see a new story mode for Madden 18. In Madden Longshot, you play as NFL prospect Devin Wade. EA promises that you’ll be making decisions both on and off the field in an attempt to win a spot in the NFL Draft. I’m excited for this new and personal football experience told from the perspective of one young man working to get his shot at greatness.

For over two decades now the Madden NFL franchise has set the standard for sports games in terms of realism, excitement, and player experience. Everything I’ve seen so far from Madden NFL 18 suggests it will be a great addition to that legacy, and I can’t wait to add this title to my game collection. I’ll see you on the field.

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