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Injustice 2

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎03-28-2017 04:23 PM - edited ‎03-28-2017 04:38 PM (13,353 Views)

Injustice 2


Injustice Returns

It was in the fall of 2013 when Superman, with the help of the creative team at NetherRealm Studios, took control of all world governments and established his Regime in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Some heroes, and even a few villains who liked a one-world dictator, sided with him to help police the world. As a gamer and a comic book fan, it was exciting to see some of my favorite DC characters at their best and worst.

New Characters

It’s already been over three years since Superman was deposed, and I can’t wait to see what the team has in store for us next.  Always fun to see in a fighter game is an updated roster. Joining our heroes and antiheroes this time around are DC royalty such as Supergirl and Batman’s protégé Robin, and villains like Darkseid and Cheetah. Back for the fight, despite the way things ended in the last game, are Green Lantern, who left in disgrace, and Green Arrow, who actually died last time around. I can’t wait to see how that goes! So far over 30 characters have been announced, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more as DLC later on.


Injustice 2New Threats

I loved playing through Injustice, being pitted against Superman in a battle for freedom. It was a great twist on the usual narrative, and kept me interested in the storyline and not merely on button-mashing my way up the ladder.


Brainiac, a longtime Superman foe, takes the lead antagonist role in Injustice 2. For the uninitiated, Brainiac is an alien possessing super intelligence. Having someone like Batman leading the fight is certainly good, but we’ll need more muscle in this fight as well.


Also joining the fray is Gorilla Grodd, a gorilla possessing enhanced size, strength, and also super intelligence. I’ve enjoyed seeing him come to life on my television the past few years, and now I’ll be able to take the fight to him personally.


Over-The-Top Action

Certainly one of my favorite things from Injustice was the action. I get to play as some of my favorite comic book characters, literally calling the shots as I battle against hero and villain alike. Signature moves and weapons are all involved, be it Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth or Harley Quinn’s wooden mallet. Some characters will even bring their pets to battle.


While throwing punches, kicks, and even the occasional batarang are fun, nothing lands quite like a super move. When the necessary power is preserved and the right button combination is pressed, you’ll initiate a cut-scene move that is as fun to watch as it is devastating to your enemy. Every character has unique abilities, weapons, and a super move. You’re going to want to try them all.


Injustice 2Gear Up

New to Injustice 2 is a Gear mechanic that lets you add unique weapons, armor, and aesthetics to your characters.  Investing time in playing as a character can unlock additional items that will help you through the game or simply make a character more unique to you. I’ve seen a few of the upgrades so far, and I’m pretty excited to unlock everything that I can. I’m hoping for some iconic loot, looks, and unlockable achievements for completing sets.

With more characters, moves, gear and threats to Earth, Injustice 2 has more than ever for gamers to be excited about. What are you most looking forward to?


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