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Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V



The world was forever changed on 9/17/2013 when Grand Theft Auto V was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The main campaign is only as unbelievable as the masterful Grand Theft Auto Online experience that has continued to host events to this day.  I’ve played the entire campaign and jumped into the online experience the day it was released to the public.  In my 20+ years of gaming few games have captivated an audience with its sheer size and incredible detail like the Grand Theft Auto series. 



My journey started with Grand Theft Auto 3 on PlayStation 2.  I was impressed by the graphics, the level design and the expansive nature of the game. It was incredible feeling to be able to explore an entire city end-to-end.  Then Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released to rave reviews and had an art style that gave new meaning to 80’s themed video games.   I’m a huge fan of the GTA Vice City because of its nostalgia, music, outfits and beautiful setting.  Grand Theft Auto San Andreas brought realism in video games unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I spent hours at the gym working on my fitness and watching my burger intake while biking from location to location.  Grand Theft Auto IV was a consistent entry into the franchise, but it was its shooting mechanics and online features that were the base for what would become Grand Theft Auto online. 



The campaign focus of Grand Theft Auto V followed three points-of-view.    Not only were you able to explore the largest map in the franchise, but could do so with a completely new perspective each time.  Franklin, Michael and Trevor each had their own unique perspective on a completely fleshed out world.  You could take a ride with Franklin in the hottest cars, bring Michael to old movies and run wild with Trevor in the desert.  This was easily the crown jewel of everything Grand Theft Auto had created in their previous iterations.  Sometimes I would just sit in a car and listen to the talk radio and watch the sunset on the beach.  The world was my oyster.  I finished the campaign and was excited for the online to be released.



When I originally joined GTA Online I was one of the lucky individuals to get an additional $500,000.  This allowed me to live a lavish lifestyle with my user generated character.  I bought the cheapest apartment that was able to do heists and had a garage.  I began filling out my garage with two expensive cars and a motorcycle.  I jumped into all the different offerings from street races, to shootouts and just robbing local convenience stores. There’s a great linear story using characters from the main campaign to guide you.  If you prefer to make your own form of chaos then you’ll be on cloud nine with GTA Online.   Some of the best moments in the game were the unscripted moments driving my car through a wild police chase that leads to a car explosion and a shootout in the middle of the street.


Grand Theft Auto Online 


After 3 ½ years Grand Theft Auto V has withstood the test of time and will be considered one of the greatest games of our time.  Pick up your copy today!


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